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My Thoughts on Markham's Development

1. Bus / Transit - Highway 7 Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Construction

There is no doubt that the Highway 7 bus stations are going to benefit people in Markham because of their convenience, but they also cause major issues to the city and bring disturbance to the nearby residences.

Firstly, the construction slows down traffic. As we all know, Highway 7 is one of the busiest roads in York Regions. The bus stop has occupied at least 2 lanes of the streets. In the other words, it creates traffic since there will be fewer traffic lanes for other vehicles.

Secondly, it creates impacts such as noise pollution to the apartments across the road especially during the time of construction. This really disturbs the residences since people's daily routine is affected and they can hardly get around.

Thirdly, the design of building the bus stops in the middle of the road has also produced an issue because it is risky for passengers when they are trying to catch a bus. There will be a higher possibilities of happening accidents.

Overalls, many people have paid great concerns towards the Highway 7 bus station construction since it brings significant problems to Markham and its nearby areas.

2. Parking Control - Parking Problem in Neighbourhoods

In Markham there is regulation stating that parking is prohibited in some certain residential areas. However the problem is yet, remained unsolved. The main issue is that some people park their cars randomly on the street. It really bothers the neighborhood especially when people have parties since their cars have blocked the roads. Sometimes people even block others' driveways. It creates inconvenience and unnecessary argument which worsens the relationships with neighbours.
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3. Planning and Urban Design / Wildlife Protection - Downtown Markham?

Excerpt from the Article "The Man who Built Toronto" of The Globe and Mail about Markham's development:

"Yesterday's supply of empty farmland and anything-goes municipal councils are gone; today, places like Markham-with a push from the province-are looking more and more like cities. There's a political consensus that, if we're going to house the 100,000 or so newcomers who flock to Ontario each year, we have no choice but to build denser, mixed-use communities like Downtown Markham. And Bratty (the man behind Downtown Markham) is leading the charge. "The rules of the game," Bratty says, his voice shifting from its customary boom into a lawyerly cadence, "have changed totally." "

As one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, Markham now has less open green areas since trees are cut down to make up spaces for houses and apartments. Because of urban development, animals lose their shelters and people are complaining that there is too much urbanity going on in Markham, making them do not want to stay here anymore. Citizens stated that there are too many commercial buildings or factories near residences which affect their livings. It becomes harder for those who live nearby to get around and go somewhere else since there are constructions everywhere.

Of course Markham has to be developed to deal with the increasing population, but would you be happy if it becomes an entire downtown-like city?

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