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English and ESL Edition

The middle of the semester is finally here and with mid-terms coming and going, it is a good time to strategies on how to make the grade. In this issue, you will find resources and activities for the following topics:

  • English and Writing
  • ESL Support
  • Other Resources

Please let me know if you need any other type of support as you continue the second half of your semester.



ESL Assistance


New to working with computers? Here is an online resources to teach you the basics.

GCF is a free online tool to use at your own leisure. Here you can learn...

  • Computer Basics - Learn the elements that make the computer work for you.
  • Basic Computer Skills - Learn the basic skills you will need to use a computer.
  • Mouse Tutorial - Learn about using a mouse and build your proficiency.
  • Typing Tutorial - Learn and practice typing. (I recommend this one!)

Want to learn how to type?

Do you refer help from a staff?

I can help! Make an appointment with me (Monica), and I will show you the basics.