Eisenhower Fly-er

September 4, 2017

Message From Mr. Holcombe

The beginning of the school year is filled with firsts for the year. Our first Eisenhower Parents and Staff for Students Organization (EPSSO) meeting will be Tuesday, September 12th at 6:00 in the Eisenhower Media Center. I hope you consider attending as we see this as a tremendous opportunity to develop strong home/school communication. We will keep our meetings to one hour with the following format:

  • 20—30 minutes presentation on an Eisenhower Intermediate School topics. At our first meeting we will do some introductions and discuss the foundations we are building EIS upon. We will use this time to present items that will help you understand what is happening on a daily basis with your student. One item of particular interest will be an introduction to our Connections time.

  • 30 minute EPSSO meeting in which we will discuss upcoming events and plan for them.

We hope that you will join us! We will discuss committees that will function this year and you will have an opportunity to be on a committee and/or chair a committee. However, we will not pressure anyone to be a part of a committee. We really would love to have a great turnout as each meeting will focus on our meeting mission: share building information that will be helpful and informative to parents in order to better the Eisenhower Intermediate School experience for our students. Please join us Tuesday, the 12th at 6:00!

EPSSO hosts a Facebook page that you can access as well. They do a nice job of maintaining it and adding information.

Thank you for a great start to the year!


Tim Holcombe

6th Grade Camp Info

On Thursday, August 31st, we hosted a meeting about our up-coming 6th grade trip to Camp Michindoh. The meeting was very well attended and much information was disseminated. Additional information will be presented through papers that will come home and through class meetings with students.

In addition, Miss Ovall has created a website which houses the packing list that was handed out at the meeting and some additional information. The link is:


Some additional information can be found below:

  • Camp cost this year is $195. It is due by October 20th.
  • September 16th is our annual car wash fundraiser. Information came home with your student on Friday. The pledge sheet can also be found on the website.
  • The $195 can be paid any day between now and October 20th. Your child should bring it to their first period teacher (6A to their 2nd period teacher) in an envelope with their name and "Camp" written on it. Money can also be brought to the office. Those who will participate in the car wash should wait until after the car wash for payment.
  • Your camp balance can be found in your Parent Portal where school fees are listed. Miss Ovall and Mrs. Sanderson updated the balances last week to reflect money earned through Marcos Cards last year.
  • If camp payment is not made by October 20th, the cost rises to $220. November 17th is the final day for the $220 payment. After November 17th, we will not be able to take no new registrations.

We are very excited about this opportunity for your student! Please contact us with any questions so we can ensure a great experience for all.

Eisenhower Magazine and Tumbler Fundraiser

We have had a great magazine sale and are very appreciative of the efforts of our students and families. Thank you!

The final magazine sale turn-in is September 8th. Please send in all order forms and money on the 8th in the turn-in envelope.

Thank you very much for all of your help with this sale!
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What is Academic Practice?

Students today understand what it means to practice. Many of our students are involved in music, sports, or clubs, which require them to practice skills to make improvements. We want to help our students make this same connection regarding the importance of academic practice. Practice allows us to become better readers, scientists, and mathematicians. Practice also allows our students to receive the coaching needed to improve their academics. Student work is analyzed by teachers to determine growth and improvement towards mastery of a specific skill or content. So, if a student chooses to not do an assignment, not only are they missing an opportunity to practice a skill and receive feedback, they also miss an opportunity to display mastery of a standard.

Additionally, students should be afforded the opportunity to practice a skill before they are graded on it. This is why academic practice is not calculated into a student’s grade. We want to encourage students to show what they know and can do. We believe that this practice is essential to student learning.

Homework is a concept that has not always been about practicing towards mastery, but instead often became a measure of willingness to complete tasks. Our shift in focus is aimed at using ungraded academic practice as a tool towards mastery learning.

Students will still receive behavioral consequences when they choose not to complete academic practice. These consequences (called "Pink Slips") are outlined on pages 7 and 8 of the student handbook. We will continue to reinforce with our students the importance of positive work habits. Just as an NFL team would never expect to win the Super Bowl without hours upon hours of practice, students need the academic practice that prepares them for success. Thank you for supporting your student as they practice nightly!

Handbook Spotlight: Requesting Academic Practice

Please note our policy on pages 7 and 8 of the Student/Parent Handbook for requesting work when your student is absent:

  • Parents who have a student who has been ill and absent from school for 2 or more days may request homework assignments from the office no later than 9:30 a.m. Work should be requested at the same time that the student absence is called in.
  • Students will be given the same number of days to make up the work as the number of days missed.
  • Homework missed from a pre-approved family vacation absence will be given to the student upon their return to school. Students will be given the same number of days to make up work as the number of days missed.

Science Experiments are "Blowing Up" at Ike

Hands-on learning is often a tremendous tool to use to connect learning from the theoretical to the practical. Our teachers regularly incorporate tactile activities into lessons. Science teachers often do so in the form of labs.

Last week Mrs. Gau and Mrs. Wilkins used a bubble gum blowing experiment to solidify understanding of the Scientific Method.

We will try to share many photos of classroom practices throughout the year.

Other News

  • Just a reminder that the Dental Sealant Program through the Toledo Lucas County Health Department will be here September 7, 8 and 11 to serve our 6th graders. In order to participate, please fill out the form attached below and send it to the Ike Office asap.
  • Please remember that student drop-off in the morning must be after 7:20 as we do not have supervision until that time. Likewise, pick-up must be prior to 2:45.
  • The Marketing Class and Senior Class at Clay High School are promoting "Spirit Nights" at the Clay games this fall. Please see the list of themes for each week below.

Up-coming Events


4 Labor Day – No School

7 6th Grade Dental Sealants

8 Magazine Final Turn-in

8 End of Fall STAR Benchmark

8 6th Grade Dental Sealants

11 STAR Verification Week

11 6th Grade Dental Sealants

12 EPSSO Meeting @ 6:00

13 Power School Grade Up-dates

16 6th Grade Car Wash 10 am—4 pm

18 No School – Staff Training Day

21 Movie Matinee after school @ 2:40—4:30

22 Oregon Branch Outreach at Lunch

23 6th Grade Car Wash Rain Date

25 1st Day of Monday Choir Club 2:45—3:30

27 Innovations Pictures Make-ups and Candids


2 Oregon Branch Outreach at Lunch

3, 4 5th Grade Band Rental Night 5:00--7:30

4 Power School Grades Up-dates

5 Young Authors Day Assemblies

9 Red Cross Blood Drive student presentations during Connections

11 EPSSO Meeting @ 6:00

16 Oregon Branch Outreach at Lunch

17 Fundraiser Magician Assembly Reward in pm

17 End of 1st Nine Weeks

20 Final 1st Quarter Grades Posted on PS

20 Final Camp Payment Due for $195

21 DARE Dance at Clay from 6:00--9:00

23 Red Ribbon Week

23 Book Fair Week thru 11/3

Standards-Based Grading Links

Below are links to presentations by Jennifer Conkle, Oregon City School's Director of Teaching and Learning, on the introduction of Standards-Based Grading (SBG) at Eisenhower.