It's TIME to learn to Write!

Clocks and Clocks we are looking for Penmanship

Students in kinder through 2nd need to learn correct manuscript which leads to 3rd-6th cursive. Utilizing the numbers on a clock the participant will gain an easy way to teach penmanship. It only takes 10 minutes a day. Remember! Recall! Handwriting and Reading go hand in hand! Come one! Come all! Even your handwriting will improve!

Clocks and Penmanship

Thursday, Jan. 21st, 4pm

2003 North Main Street

Del Rio, TX

Bring your Spalding Phonogram Cards. If you do not have some, please notify me at 4109 or email me.

Clocks and Penmanship

4:00 practice letter strokes.

Dividing the letters to follow the clock.

Practice manuscript writing groups of letters.

Practice cursive strokes

Practice cursive writing