Cystic Fibrosis

By: Mike and Tom

What the mutation does

  • Causes constant lung infections
  • Persistant coughing of mucus
  • Breathlessness
  • Wheezing
  • Failure to get proper exercise.
  • (Information From Mayo Clinic)
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Currently there is no cure for this mutation. However there are now treatments to prolong the lives of the effected people. The average life is early 20's to the early 50's.

  • Preventing and controlling lung infections
  • Loosening and removing mucus from the lungs
  • Preventing and treating intestinal blockage
  • Providing adequate nutrition
(courtesy of Mayo Clinic)

Effects on Life

Effects include

  • reduced physical capibilities
  • having to do treatment often
  • difficulty breathing

(courtesy of Mayo Clinic)

Disorder Information

  • Not gender specific
  • Recessive (Both parents must have recessive gene for CF)
  • On chromosome 7.

Notable Scientist

Professor Lap-Chi Tsui, Dr Francis Collins and Professor Jack Riordan

These 3 scientist discovered Cystic Fibrosis is on the 7th chromosome.