HPS Tech News 2013 (no 3)



The end of this term is near, so this newsletter will focus on sharing what has been published on our Intranet, blogs and school website this term. The technology committee hopes you find something here that provides some ideas for your own ICT projects next term. Thanks to all who have shared sites and their work for this edition.

T1 Published ICT Projects

KB's Work:

Some of KB's work published this term I have already shared in previous newsletters - their Kidpix animated drawings of fruit and vegies plus their fruit models inserted into an iMovie. All work this term has been based on the COGs unit 'Healthy Choices'. Below you can see their clay avatars they made of themselves (would be great as part of a 'Me' or 'Identity' unit. (We did it as a follow up to making 3D models of fruit.) These were made with the 'Clay Yourself' website and inserted into an iMovie to be shared using Vimeo.
KB Clay Avatars
This next project by KB was made by taking photos and using the WordFoto app on the iPad and then shared via Kizoa. All projects were published on their individual sites on the Intranet and shared on the school website and blogs.

3J & 3M's Work:

3J and 3M as part of their COGs unit 'Working Together' worked through the TALE activity 'Neighbourhood Charter'. Students then created their own charters for Helensburgh using Comic Life. They were published on their sites on the Intranet and shared on the school website and blogs using youblisher which creates a flippable booklet.

3/4H's Work:

As part of their COGs unit 'Products, Services and Systems' 3/4H used Keynote to create digital booklets on the story of eggs, wheat and milk from the farm to the consumer. Their Keynotes were saved as movie files and published on their sites on the Intranet. They were shared on the school website and blogs using Vimeo.
The Story Of Wheat Keynote by 3/4H
The Story of Milk Keynote by 3/4H
The Story of Eggs Keynote by 3/4H

4/5S, 5T, 6C and 6M's work:

Their project was part of their COGs unit 'Global and Social Issues' looking specifically at being a safe and respectful digital citizen. We worked through a variety of ACMA's Cyber Smart activities this term. They designed posters as an individual and used the Easi-Speak microphones to record the cyber safety tips for their group. Their work was published individually on their sites on the Intranet and shared on the school website and blogs using iMovie and Vimeo.
Be Cyber Smart

Blog News

Jen's children have been engaged in many great activities this term and a selection have been published on their 2D class blog. Jen has shared her students' fabulous 'animals of the night zoo' artworks on her blog using PhotoPeach.
Please also visit Margaret's KB class blog for a great Photopeach slideshow of her children in their Easter hats. Slideshows are a great way to share photos of your students with their parents and the wider community.

Staff Picks

Sites recommended this week come from Georgia and Tracey. Thanks heaps for sharing:

Georgia - Sheppard Software - Georgia says it has loads of games, short clips and activities covering multiple KLA's. Great for warm up or transition activities.

Tracey - 8 Ways and Asia Education Foundation, both recommended sites at the Australian Curriculum training day.

Australian Curriculum News

I have made a Sqworl page for us titled Australian Curriculum Resources and have been adding links to it this term, including Tracey's suggested ones above. If you come across any great resources, please let me know so I can add them to our page to make it a truly useful resource for all.

Anzac Day Resources

Since we are having our Anzac Day Service this Tuesday, please don't forget to visit our 'Anzac Day' resource page for ideas and activities to use with your children. If you are using any sites not listed here, please let me know so I can add them to be shared with everyone. Thanks!

Some Extra Reading . . .

Well . . . watching this week. Please visit here for an animated guide on 'The Future of Search Made Simple'. I'm already feeling a little paranoid at the present time when google searching; ads for NZ Sauv Blanc and Ezibuy and the Birdsnest online clothing shops appear with alarming frequency! Who says I live for online shopping!
Big image

Thanks To . . .

Ross for his continued work updating the PC's attached to the smartboards, Margaret for organising and ordering more iPads and Penny for picking them up. Thank you!

Thought of The Week X 2

In case you missed this last week (posted in time for 1st of April), please watch the Youtube below for an amazing addition to Google Maps!
Explore Treasure Mode with Google Maps
Where are you travelling to for the holidays? How far away is it and how long will it take you to get there? Please visit here for a fascinating animation involving travel over vast distances.
Big image

Have a safe and relaxing holiday break. Take care.