By: Jess Reade


"Born Michelangelo Buonarroti in Caprese, 6 March 1475" (Michelangelo 1). For most of his life he was in Rome and Florence, either living there or working on his art. Michelangelo did have some education, he studied anatomy and sculpture. His life was busy he traveled all over to make his famous sculptures and art for people. Eventually he moved to Rome because that's where he did most of his work and ended up becoming and architect. The art he created varied, he did a lot of sculptures and paintings but also did some architecture. Some of Michelangelo's famous pieces are his David, the Sistine Ceiling, the Medici Chapel, and Pieta. His patrons were mostly the Medici and the Pope of Julius, but it was also anyone who was willing to pay for him to do his work.

The Work

The Sistine Ceiling is one of Michelangelo's most famous pieces he has painted. He began this piece in July of 1508 and finally finished it in October of 1512. The significance of this piece was to bring back Romes former glory. He painted scenes from the bible on the ceiling of the church to signify their accomplishments and good times. It took him so long to complete this piece because he used many new techniques and he had to learn them while he was trying to paint. Michelangelo always created male nudes and his women looked like men, his new painting style called fresco was mainly only done by him, his methods were traditional, and his carvings were revolutionary ("Michelangelo"). I find this piece interesting because his ability to create a scene is amazing. The pictures look so real and even with a curved ceiling the humans don't looked deformed. This picture mostly connects to humanism because its all about humans; how they were created the reason everything exists and why we are they way we are.


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