The Eklin Journal

September 16, 2016

Mark Your Calendar

Sept. 20- Picture Day

Sept. 23- Book orders due

Sept. 30- Fun Run

Reading News

Our readers have tracked their reading daily on reading logs. We have talked about being the best readers we can be and that readers set goals for themselves. Many students chose to work on increasing their reading stamina or pace. I have encouraged all the children read at least 15 minutes a day at home, or longer if their personal goal was to increase pace or stamina. We celebrate Non-Fiction Fridays. We read our first Scholastic News magazine this week. The topic was the upcoming election and brief discussion of the election process.

Writing News

The children have been generating ideas for personal narrative stories, true stories involving themselves. Children have been encouraged to come up with ideas for short stories about people, places and things they know very well. Each day in writing the children will be asked to fill one page in their Writer's Notebook.

Spelling/ Word Study News:

This week the children completed a spelling assessment to help in placement into the appropriate spelling group. Also, students were introduced to the terms subjects and predicates.

S.S. News from Mrs. Boewe

We learned that all of us are Social Scientists by observing relationships in society. The first two social scientists we learned about were a Geographer and an Economist. Ask your child what both of these social scientists are interested in.

Math News

Our little mathematicians are building their graphing skills. We began the week making graphs. We created picture graphs in the classroom then converted them to bar graphs on paper. See some of our work in today's Friday folder. We also worked with word problems, practiced showing our work with pictures, words, and numbers, and labeled our answers. we finished the week with a math game called Loops and Groups. We are beginning multiplication strategies by connecting it to repeat addition sentences.

Science News From Mr. Klenow

This week in Science we explored the steps of the Scientific Method and how scientists use them to conduct experiments. Next week we will dive into some fun experiments to work on our observation and data recording skills.

Book Orders

Book Orders are due next Friday. Please submit orders online use our class code or turn in order forms to the classroom with a check made payable to Scholastic Reading Club.

Picture Day Is Tuesday

Smile! Picture day is coming! All children will be photographed Tuesday. A photo proof page will come home with your child Tuesday afternoon with 2 poses. Please look for these in student planners. If you would like to order a photo package you may do so online or return the proof envelope school with the proper payment.

Have a wonderful weekend!!!