P.G Wodehouse


Early Life

  • He was born on October 15th 1881 in Guildford, Surrey, England.
  • Nicknamed "Plum".
  • Attended Dulwich College where he edited the college magazine and was successful
  • Contributed to magazines like Vanity Fair and Cosmopolitian
  • During this time he also wrote lyrics and published several stories
  • He married Ethel Wayman in 1914
  • Had no biological children because of infertility due to mumps. But had stepdaughter Leonora.



  • Published over ninety books
  • A master of parody and prose
  • Worked as a theater critic
  • Collaborated on many musical comedies
  • Obtained his first position as a journalist in New York
  • Fist novel, The PotHunters, was published in 1902. This was followed by, A Perfect's Uncle in 1903. Shortly after Wodehouse published numerous books including, Love Among the Chickens,
  • In 1930, he began his first stint with Metro Mayer in Hollywood.
  • Later on, Wodehouse made controversial wartime radio broadcasts during WWI.
  • Weeks before his death 1975, Wodehouse was knighted commander of the order of the British empire by Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Wodehouse died on February 14th, 1975. Ethel died in 1984 and now rests beside Wodehouse in the Remsenburg cemetery in New York State.