First Grade News

Week of 5.23--5.27

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#RedNoseDay--thanks to 4th grader, Katie Mina, for organizing this event!

Our Week in Review:

  • We finished our Touch Cast app videos to teach our classmates about our solid shapes in the real world!
  • We began our final fun project--creating 3 tangram animals and writing a story that ties all of them together!

Social Studies:

  • We started our end of year project with Mrs. Garritt's class--creating Time Magazine covers about a classmate! We focused on teamwork and our writing skills that we have learned this year!
  • We learned about the project goals and conducted interviews with a questionnaire.
  • We used the questionnaire to create an article featuring our partner!
  • We created watercolor illustrations to match!
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Reminders for Next Week:

  • STUDENTS MAY WEAR GYM UNIFORMS ALL WEEK, due to the warm forecast!
  • Friday--DONUTS WITH DAD, 8:30 A.M.