Hidden Valley Weekly Bulletin

Week of 9/28/15

Principal's Point to Ponder

"In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit."

We all have our moments when we are not just that motivated. Sometimes to get out of that rut we need each other to help us out. Whether it is joining a FIT BIT challenge or a 21 day weight loss challenge, we do it better when we have each other. Others push us when we are not motivating our self to be better. Well what about our kids? How do they get motivated? What gets them up and excited to work hard for us? When individuals and teams are motivated, extraordinary things happen, and the results are obvious: students are happy, the workplace is energized, innovations- large and small- happen with regularity, and the organization (HVES) continually grows and develops.

So how can you motivate your students and your team to be more energized with their work? The academic answer is you can't!! Motivation is internal, it comes from deep within us. The only person who can truly motivate a person is the person. BUT, Although you can't control motivation, you can certainly affect it. You can create conditions where students want to be motivated and therefore motivate themselves. Our inherent drive challenges us to achieve, and your task as an educator is to harness and nurture that drive...to feed it and help it grow.

HOW? You have to focus on and adjust consequences. You have to increase the positive consequences that come with greater involvement, and decrease the negative, frustrating ones that discourage involvement as well. Let us take a pulse check of our class, and out teams, to see what motivates our students and colleagues, what can we do to excite them ,to help them see that the right thing to do is the best thing to do. Let us be the IMPACT that motivate others.

Acknowledgements and Celebrations

* I want to truly give everyone a HUGE SHOUT OUT for a tremendous walk through conducted on Monday. The learning community was truly impressed by the work that we do. I am PROUD with serve along side you, and PROUD to be a part of the HV Family. We are taking to spread our wings so we can fly to greater heights.

* Kudos to the Staff Culture (aka Sunshine Committee) for putting together the Wednesday breakfast. The spread was great. Mr. Brizz and Ms. Yaghi really know how to throw down on some pancakes and French toast. I put on a good 5 lbs that day, and it was well worth it.

*Huge Shout Out to Ms. McCoy for organizing all of the technology at HVES. this was difficult task, and you are a master. Please refer to her email about the technology logistics.

* We want to congratulate Ms. Nelmes for getting the Literacy Facilitator position at university Park, although you will do a great job at the Park, you will be missed in the Valley. Monday is Ms. Nelmes last day, so wish her well.

* Congratulations to Ms. Banning (AKA Ms. Kayton) as she gets married this weekend. We wish you the best. PS..... she has been using Banning on her lesson plans all year, I think she is ready.

* Congratulations to Ms. E. Velez for bringing a sweet baby girl Leah into this world. Mom and baby are doing fine, and we wish them the best.

* We are welcoming two new staff members this week at HVES. Ms. Robinson and Ms. Austin. When you see some new faces, open with welcome arms, we are excited to have them.

* Have you met our new secretary Ms. Beckham. She will be filling in for Ms. E. Velez. She is new this year, but not new to the Valley. Make sure that you are saying hi to her in the morning.

* Kudos to Ms. Simmons for calling her sorority to help us with the Box Tops collection this year. Please refer to the email from Ms. Alston about the collection. Students should start bring them in.

* Kudos to Mr. Brynildsen for setting up Buster the Bus to come to the school for our students. Please refer to the email from Mr. Brynildsen about the times of the assembly.

* Excellent job Mr. Nash, ESL Team for successfully completing the WAP-T assessments for all of our new non English speaking students.

* Shout out to the 2nd grade team for their writing celebrations on Friday. The students were excited and the enthusiasm that you brought was and is awesome.

What to Expect This Week

Monday 9/28 (Day 4)

- Wear the school colors on Monday- Green or White and Tan Khaki bottoms

- DIBELS Testing 3rd grade

Tuesday 9/29 (Day 5)

- Tie Tuesday

- Buster the Bus Assembly for Prek , K ,and 1st - see email from Mr. Brynildsen

- DIBELS Testing 3rd grade

- Tuesday Folder goes home- Progress reports and other important information

Wednesday 9/30 (Day 1)

- Staff Meeting at 3:15pm. Please plan on being here till 5pm, make arrangements to stay till that time.

- Finish DIBELS for 3rd

- Fill out the Extraordinary Eagle form and turn it into Mr. Lungarini by Friday at 8am. Forms will be in your box by Wednesday morning

Thursday 10/1 (Day 2)

- DIBELS 4th grade

- Girl Scout Meeting afterschool 3-4pm

-Fill out the Extraordinary Eagle form and turn it into Mr. Lungarini by Friday at 8am. Forms will be in your box by Wednesday morning

Friday 10/2 (Day 3)

- Jean Day, and ONLY n a college shirt-- I have noticed some not in college shirts

- Out of uniform day for students ($1), please get a money collection sheet from Ms. Velez.

- Extraordinary Eagle Celebration at 1:30 in the cafeteria. Make sure that the sheet is turned into Mr. Lungarini by 8am.

Upcoming Events

*First Round of Observations start Week of 9/28

* Common Assessments Week of October 5th

*Fundraiser kickoff Assembly 10/13

*Hispanic Heritage Celebration 10/22- Ms. Soto to provide additional info.

* Teacher Work Day 10/23- This is the day/week for Parent Teacher Conferences

* Energy Assembly 10/26

* Awards Assembly 10/30 during your specials time (have a favorite song in mind)

* Staff Outing 10/30--TBD

* Family Literacy Night - Date TBD as we are waiting on Title I money (proposed 11/5)

Instructional Strategy of the Week

THINK MARKS- Ms. Pratt has anchor charts for her students to reference while they are reading. This allows her students to really think about the the character traits of the characters that they read. What are the character's actions, what did they say, and what are their thoughts. All of this allows them to see what they are feeling and gather a better understanding of their character traits. She also does an excellent job of modeling her own writing thought process via the document camera! Great job Ms. Pratt!