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Welcome to the Olympics Press For Success were we are covering the sport of Bobsled and the uprising athlete Aja Evans. Here you will learn different things about bobsledding and you take a closer look at the journey Evans has taken to the Winter Olympics.


Bobsleigh first appeared in the 1924 Olympic games if France. During that time there was only a four-man competition, but today teams compete in two and also four. The bobsled run measures out to almost 1,500 meters long with many turns. The results are based the combined time of all four runs.
Above and below are articles about the history and rules of Bobsledding

Aja Evans

Aja Evans who was born and raised from Chicago, Illinois showed the world what she was capable of doing when she scored 794 out of 800 winning the 2012 National Championship title in her rookie season. She is an graduate of University of Illinois, with a Bachelor's of Science in Sports Management. Athleticism runs through her blood as many of her family members were athletes themselves.

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This song I believe reflects the reason Aja Evans is participating in this year's Olympics. She has never stopped at achieving her goal and constantly works and prepares to get that gold.
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