Did you know jogging is UNHEALTHY?

Day 1 : The health risks of aerobic exercise

The three main reasons we don’t use jogging or aerobic exercise as the primary way to get great results.

1. It wastes your time – Aerobic training does not give you big benefits per minute of exercise.

2. It causes overuse injury – Repetitive activity like jogging often causes muscle imbalances and joint pain

3. It increases fat storage – It’s true that aerobics burn some fat, but this encouragres your body to store MORE fat for future use.

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CLIENT STORY: Yik Chih Hoe - Trust us, its real

“Chih Hoe went from 150kg to 80kg over 15 months…” Total amount of areobics done? Zero.

The only gym in Singapore without a single treadmill is opening its third branch near you.