Albert Einstein

Bryce Carter


    Albert Einstein became famous for the Theory of Relativity, which laid the basis for the release of atomic energy. In 1905 Albert Einstein formulates Special Theory of Relativity. Medical treatments at that time for abdominal illnesses were radium water, ecraseur, plumbage, peg legs, gasoline to cure gas. His cause of death was an abdominal arotic aneurism which is an enlarged area in the lower part of the aorta. The disease can be fixed , but today it would have to be surgically removed. Albert Einstein was born on March 14/1874 and died on April 18/1955 and lived till age76.

Einstein's Interesting facts

  • A pathologist that autopsied Albert Einstein's body kept his brain for 20 years in a jar.
  • Einstein was offered the presidency of Israel.


physican who examines tissue, checks the accuracy of lab test and interprets them.


latin, meaning after death.


gesture that Is performed by lifting up both shoulders


certain to happen.

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By Bryce Carter