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September 11, 2020


- Principal's Update

- Return to Learn Video - Please Watch!

- Normal Bell Schedule & Friday FLEX Schedule

- Traffic Pattern Video

- Return to Learn Information

Updates from the Principal

Good Afternoon Firebird Nation Families -

The end of our 3rd week of school is here and the beginning of our Return to In-Person Learning starts on Monday! We are so excited to get to see our students back at FMS!

Our staff members have been working very hard to plan all of our processes and procedures to maintain a healthy and safe environment at FMS. It will take all of us a little time to get used to these new procedures when at the school. All of our teachers will be taking time on Monday and Wednesday of this next week to revisit their standard operating procedures, classroom visions, and classroom codes with students. This will ensure everyone is on the same page with establishing an intentional classroom community for all. There may be some repeated information on these days as we want to ensure everyone is on the same page with what is expected.

Parents, please make sure to see how your students are feeling each day and monitor if they have any symptoms. If students are not feeling well, we need for them to stay home. We want to make sure that we keep everyone healthy and safe as we return to the building. It is our hope that with all of us working together on this that we will not have any cases of COVID-19 at FMS. If a situation results in the need for students to remain home, then we would communicate with you with any information.

Thank you again to our WEB Leaders, JS2S Team, and our Broadcasting Team for helping to put together a video related to our return to learn. you will see...they had a little fun taking over the school to get this done! We are confident that all of our procedures and processes will work effectively, but we know that adjustments will need to be made as we learn how it goes with our students for the first time. We have included reminders about our Return to Learn from our email yesterday below as a review.

If you are dropping off your student, please remember to pull into a traffic loop from the main front entrance of the school. There are then two different lanes that cars pull around the lot in. At the end of these double lanes, cars alternate to pull into the lane next to the school. Please make sure to pull all of the way up when dropping your students off. Also, please only allow students to exit your vehicle when you are in the lane next to the school. This is for everyone's safety. Students need to use the crosswalks when walking around FMS; please do not cross in between cars or walk through the lots. It is very important that all vehicles use extra caution and observe all school zones when traveling around the Firebird Nation Campus. Deputy Murphy, our SRO, will be out to assist and help monitor this as well. We have included a video below from 2018 that highlights our parking and traffic patterns for review.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! We look forward to seeing our students back within the halls next week!


Brian Smith

Executive Principal

Falcon Middle School

Return to Learn Video - Please watch to see how many of our processes will work.

FMS Return To Learn Video

Schedules: Please encourage your student to bring a copy of their schedule when they come to the building. They will be following our normal bell schedule below.

Big picture

Friday FLEX Schedule - We will be following the schedule below on Fridays beginning on September 18th. Remember that all students will be E-Learning on Fridays.

Big picture

2018 Traffic Pattern Video

Firebird Nation Campus Traffic Flow 2018

Return to Learn Information - Please read through this section carefully

Return To Learn Protocols and Procedures

Please read this to understand the Return To Learn plan for Falcon Middle School.

First Day of In-Person Learning

* 6th Graders - Our Teams and WEB Leaders will help lead some campus tours. We will help show you around Falcon Middle, Bennett Ranch, and where your classes will be located. All 6th grade students will begin at FMS on Monday September 14th and on Wednesday September 16th so that we can conduct these tours and help you learn where things are located. We are here to help! All of our staff members would be glad to assist you as a new member of the Firebird Nation team! Your WEB Leaders will be attending your advisory class on Friday (tomorrow) to review this information and let you know where to meet on Monday or Wednesday! Ask these WEB Leaders lots of questions! They want to help!

* Brand New 7th and 8th Grade Students - If you are a new 7th or 8th grade Firebird, please meet Mrs. Villani, Ms. Murdock, and some of our JS2S members in the Learning Commons Monday (if your last name starts with A-J) or Wednesday (if your last name starts K-Z) morning at 7:50am so that we can meet you, answer any questions you may have, and give you a quick orientation and tour of the building. To get directions to the Learning Commons on your designated morning please feel free to ask any WEB student leader (they will be wearing purple t-shirts that say WEB on them), staff member, or student. We look forward to meeting you! Our JS2S Students are excited to meet you and help you become part of the Firebird Nation team!

* All Students - Don’t forget to bring a backpack, your FMS owned Chrome book, a small notebook with paper, and some pens/pencils. We will be distributing additional chrome books on Monday and Wednesday for any student needing one so that they can utilize our campus network; outside devices will not work on our network currently.

We encourage you to bring a water bottle if you will need to use the water fountains. Also, don’t forget your lunch, unless you plan to eat school lunch that day. Remember that lunch will take place outside where you can distance, unmask, and enjoy some fresh air with friends (socially distanced of course)! Remember that you will NOT have a locker until we know it is safe to use them. So, minimize how much you bring to school each day as you will be taking it with you to each class. Don’t forget your mask…and bring a back up mask just in case! Everyone must wear a mask when inside Falcon Middle School.

Return to Learn Reminders

Falcon Middle School will be able to have 50% of our student population in the building Monday - Thursday. Fridays will be an E-Learning day for all students until we reach 100% in-person status. Daily E-Learning will also be an option for any family wishing to remain with this format until they feel it is safe to return. Beginning September 14th, students will be in the building on the following days, based on Last Name:

Last Names A - J:

  • In-Person - Mondays & Tuesdays
  • E-Learning - Wednesdays & Thursdays

Last Names K - Z:

  • In-Person - Wednesdays & Thursdays
  • E-Learning - Mondays & Tuesdays

Fridays - E-Learning Day for all students (Modified Schedule for short class check-ins and student work time)

We will follow the 50% schedule until the district allows for 100% in-person learning to take place. If there is a shortened week due to a holiday or weather impacting our in-person attendance, we will communicate and do our best to try and adjust the week's schedule in order to best accommodate each student having two days of in-person learning.

Falcon Middle School has also worked to acquire additional Chromebooks and we plan to distribute them to our in-person students to help facilitate our new methods of instruction. If you have already checked out a Chromebook for E-Learning, then you are all set. Students will need to bring these to school on their "In-Person" days. Students still needing a chromebook from FMS will receive them on Monday, September 14th, or Wednesday, September 16th.

We ask that everyone please review our Return to Learn Plan again so that you know the specific procedures and protocols we will have in place for student, staff, and community safety. These procedures must be followed by our staff and students at all times. We want to keep our school safe and demonstrate that we have the right procedures in place to move to the 100% level of In-Person learning.

Falcon Middle School

Executive Principal: Brian Smith

6th Grade Assistant Principal: Tim Scheck

7th Grade Assistant Principal: Kava Lientz

8th Grade Assistant Principal/Athletic Director: Elena Forehand

6th Grade Counselor: Carrie Clay

7th Grade Counselor: Amber Villani

8th Grade Counselor: Lisa Murdock