St. Paul News Bulletin

St. Paul School - Kevin Brever, Principal - Nov. 15, 2013

Inspirational Quotes

- "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expressions and knowledge."

- “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

--Albert Einstein (1879-1955 ), theoretical physicist who developed the general theory of relativity.

Table of Contents

1. Calendar of Events
2. Cancer Prayer List

- 2.1 Rosary Count for Cancer Prayer List

3. St. Paul Dare to Care Food Drive

4. Teen Beach Movie Dance Clinic at Presentation

5. St. Paul Weekly News Video

6. News from the Classroom

- 6.1 - Second Grade

- 6.2 - News from Mr. Streble

- 6.3 - Library Happenings

- 6.4 - SPD Happenings


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1. St. Paul School Calendar of Events

2. Cancer Prayer List

We currently have 119 people on our cancer prayer list. We would like to ensure that these folks stay in our prayers by having that as many rosaries said each month as the number of names on the list. We have 119 now, so we are looking for 100 rosaries to be said by the faculty, students and staff.

This is being done individually and within many classes, as well as in Religion class. We are keeping track by having those who have said a rosary for someone on the list put their name in the prayer basket in the main office.

We'd also like to invite the entire community to participate in this effort. If you have loved ones who have been affected by cancer, please send us their names and we will add them to our prayer list. We will add to our rosary count the number of rosaries that everyone says for those on our list.

Each week we are totaling the number and announcing it over the PA as well as in the online weekly newsletter. This will ensure the number requested is achieved. We feel this is great way to keep these individuals in our prayers.

Our loved ones include:

Maureen Weber, Lynn Morgan, Peggy Meredith, Jackie Kempf, Jeanine Lamb,

Michelle's mom, Shelby Lowden, Aiden Johnson, Jason Epley, Addison Miles,

Tanya Woods, Mike Spencer, Nathan Decker, Jamie Beach, Pete Vowels,

Robyn Davenport, Don Gibson, Cameron Wilcox, Jesse Smith, Hazel, Sue Hammond,

Billie Maupin, Kay Vowels, Kennedy Thompson, Melanie Anderson, Monica Sams,

Debbie Lardner, Lorie Shields, Sue Bosse, Rita Dobson, Barbara O'Neal,

Grandma Betsy, Uncle Eddy, Robin Higdon, Leslie, Nana Melcher, Lisa West, Bob Site,

Alvin Davis, Lucille Robinette, Barbara Fortwinger, Sandy Klus, Nathan Haycraft,

Kathy, Sherry West, Alissa, Ms. Clopton, Tolora, Karen, Uncle Jr., Rita, Barbara,

Talia Castolono, Cherie Streble, Mary Ann Booker, Carol Booker, Dixon Caudill,

Eva Bland, Bruce Jones, Sr., Phyliss Dillhey, Penny Wheatley, Katy Smith, Jeff Lynch,

Phil Seidt, Kathy Allen, Patricia English, John Willett, Beatty Starks, Jaime Beach,

Kay Vowels, Pete Vowles, Mary Filliatro, Trina Bowling, Gerry Miller, Debbie Davis,

Debra Winters, Regina Brever, Jim Roush, Tom Kelly, Helen Cecil, Carol Cecil, Ed Cecil,

Butch Cecil, Jeanie Poffley, Tom McEwen, Jim Cochran, Ron Askin, Mike Jones,

Robert Jones, Judar Rumford, Keith Jones, Susan Messerschmidt, Sam Morris,

JB Lawhorn, Mark Childress, Linda Byrne, Kim Bushnell, Shirley Lorie, Jenny White,

Kenneth Glover, John Smith, Tracy Kronmueller, Chuck Peak, Norma Pusateri,

Joe Walsh, BoBo Milliner, Mary Catherine Shaughnessy, Bernie Stuber,

Betsy Melcher, Cheryl Beck, Marty Brown, Michelle Vachon, Sonny Holthouser,

Elmer Young, Kyle Pratt, Mr. Gray, and Becky Callahan.

2.1 Rosary Count for Cancer Prayer List

Date Rosary Prayed - Grade/Students - Number of Rosaries Prayed

  • 10/30/2013 - 7th grade - 20
  • 10/31/2013 - 6th grade - 22
  • 11/1/2013 - 5th grade - 22
  • 11/1/2013 - 4th grade - 20
  • 11/4/13 - Individual Students - 1
  • 11/15/2013 - Individual Students - 2
  • 11/6/2013 - Individual Students - 6
  • 11/7/2013 - 3rd grade - 13
  • 11/8/2013 - Individual Students - 3
  • --------------- 7th grade - 20
  • --------------- 8th Grade - 26
  • 11/11/2013 - Individual Students - 2
  • ---------------- 2nd grade - 25
  • 11/14/2013 - Individual Students - 2

Grand Total of Rosaries said for those on our Cancer Prayer List = 184

3. St. Paul Dare to Care Food Drive

Sponsored by the George House - November 4-8

OUR 2013 GOAL WAS TO COLLECT 2500 can or box food items or 60 cases

“It is more blessed to give than to receive” --Acts 20:35

Number of items received:

  • Pre-school (3YO) --- 0
  • Pre-K (4YO) ------- 138
  • Kindergarten ------ 36
  • 1st Grade ----------- 31
  • 2nd Grade -------- 144
  • 3rd Grade ---------- 96
  • 4th Grade --------- 124
  • 5th Grade ---------- 53
  • 6th Grade ---------- 40
  • 7th Grade ---------- 92
  • 8th Grade ---------- 93

Total Number of Items Received: 847

4. Teen Beach Movie Dance Clinic

Saturday, Dec. 7th 2013 at 11am-4pm

arts & athletic center, 900 s. 4th st.

Presentation Academy’s Dance Team presents Teen Beach Movie Dance Clinic

K - 8th grade girls

$35 includes registration, t-shirt, lunch, & door prizes

Doors open at 10:30 AM

Parents return at 3:30 PM for showcase

Saturday, December 7, 2013, 11 am - 4 pm

Registration Deadline: November 22, 2013 ... registration at the door is accepted!

Register early in order to guarantee your shirt size!

Wear clothes that are easy to more in - no jeans. Girls will perform at halftime of a basketball game (TBA)


Contact Melissa Herberger:

502-541-2054 or

Registration Form can be found at:

Teen Beach Movie Dance Clinic Registration Form

5. St. Paul Weekly News Video - - - - - The Raider Report

St Paul News November 4th

6. News from the Classroom

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6.1 Second Grade

The 2nd grade class will continue to work on Picture, Bar, and Circle Graphs by gathering data from tally charts and reviewing the information on the graphs to answer word problems.

In Science we will be finishing up our chapter on classifying animals.

We will also start a new unit in Social Studies about Thanksgiving that will relate to our Thanksgiving story in Reading.

6.2 News from Mr. Streble

6th Grade - The sixth grade finished their planet webquests and will now transition their information to a spreadsheet. Mr. Dooley has been working with them on how to put a spreadsheet together.

Their chapter notes and activites have been presented to them on Google Docs:

Also, they will have an assignment on Engrade for the weekend.

7th Grade - The 7th Grade went over cell reproduction. Notes and homework are on the presentation:

They have their test study guide online as well:

8th Grade - They finished their roller coaster projects and have been using their computers on Future City. They started a new chapter in science and have been given the beginning of their notes and activities:

Big image

6.3 Library Happenings

SPD and Library Happenings

Our theme this month in Library is The Giving Tree by: Shel Silverstein. We read this book together and discussed what it means to give to others. Our library bulletin board will focus on what can we give for others this Thanksgiving season. Classes decorated leaves for The Giving Tree bulletin board and added things that they will do for others this season.

Preschool/Pre-K and 7th grade prayer partners celebrated Thanksgiving in the Library on Thursday of this week. The classes listened to Thanksgiving books and made a turkey bracelet together.

Kindergarten and 8th grade prayer partners will celebrate next Wednesday.

6.4 SPD Happenings

4th - 8th grade SPD classes will be focusing on football this month.

Preschool/Pre-K and Kindergarten classes will be focusing on new locomotor skills so that we can earn our Mover’s Licenses!

1st- 3rd grades will be focusing on striking object lessons and games. We will also be celebrating Thanksgiving by playing Thanksgiving warm-up games.


Dear Families,

During a recent safety audit it was observed that our afternoon dismissal procedures need to be changed in order to provide safety for our children and families.

Below are the AFTERNOON DISMISSAL NEW PROCEDURES that went into effect on Monday, November 11, 2013.

All children will be picked up through the procedures STATED BELOW.

  • All families must use the car line procedures. This has been approved by our safety audit team, which includes the Metro Police and the School Board.
  • Please inform all those who are responsible to pick up your children of this change so they are aware of the new procedure.
  • Again, this is the best interest of your children and removes the risk of individuals entering our gym that are unwanted and should not be here.


  • Each family will be issued two (2) identification cards with the family’s number on them. One of these cards is to be placed on the dashboard of the car picking the students up each day. These identification cards will be returned to the office during the last week of school.
  • All cars will enter St. Paul’s parking lot by the rear entrance only. Cars should precede single file to the front of church, where the first car will stop in front of the church. When a parking monitor gives the signal cars will proceed to the back of school and stop at the rear gym exit door.
  • Students will be sent to cars in the order of their arrival. After students are loaded in cars, the cars will proceed behind school to the stop sign and out to the light at Dixie Manor. If the line of cars that turned left waiting for the light is backed up, please turn right and use one of the other exits in the area. Do not attempt to exit through the alley behind church.
  • If you need to speak with a teacher after school, you may park in the Dixie Manor lot behind school and enter the school through the back doors. Teachers are not available to conference until all students have been dismissed. If you need to talk with a teacher or pick a child up early you must call the office to make arrangements.

  • Students not picked up by 3:15 PM will be sent to After School Care and there will be a charge of $15.00. Parents/guardians must pick up their children from ASC in the cafeteria, using the side entrance.

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