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We are proud to present our first student-produced newsletter of the year. After numerous rounds of voting, we have arrived at our final decision regarding the name of our newsletter. We hope you find The Naumann Narwhal to be both informative and entertaining. Enjoy!

- Class 5N

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By Grace & Siena

This week in writing we have been focusing on editing our personal narratives. These strategies include sharing with a partner, adding punctuation, making paragraphs, varying our sentences and finding the main themes in our stories.

Ms. Naumann has also given us a narrative writing checklist which includes information about structure, development and language conventions. Each part includes boxes to check off that say "not yet", "starting to" and "yes."

We also looked at a sample narrative story called Goosebumps. We had to look through it and highlight to see where we could find some of the strategies the author used that we could also use in our own personal narratives. This has definitely helped our writing skills strengthen!

And our narratives are just about finished!


By Jacqui & Keira

This week in math we took the Unit 1 Test. It had lots of problems involving place value, unit conversions, as well as writing number in different forms. For example, 7,540.23 is seven thousand five hundred forty and twenty three hundredths. It's also (7 x 1,000) + (5 x 100) + (4 x 10) + (2 x 0.1) + (3 x 0.01), and 7 thousands 5 hundreds 4 tens 2 tenths 3 hundredths. Also on the test, we had to compare decimal numbers, multiply and divide decimal numbers by 10, 100 and 1,000. We had to use exponents too!

Today(Friday), we have our Unit 1 Performance Task to do. Performance Tasks are when you solve a complex problem and do a lot of work to show ALL of your thinking. You usually write things like, " I need to figure out...", "I already know that...", "My plan is to...", "My answer makes sense because...", "I can prove this is right by...", and " I also noticed..."

Monday we are going to start our new math unit where we'll learn how to multiply, divide, add and subtract decimals. It sounds pretty hard, but, we will wait and see.


By Ellie & Kate

This week in science we have been focusing on sound. We did two really important experiments. In these two experiments we learned about volume, pitch, amplitude, and frequency. We made a chart to show some of our observations from the experiments. We discovered that small or big vibrations effect the volume and fast or slow vibrations effect the pitch.

Wooden Stick Investigation: We placed the stick on our desk with ¼ of it handing over the edge, then ½ hanging over, and then ¾ hanging over. We found that with ¾ of the stick overhanging the desk, the stick made the lowest pitch sound when we flicked it. With ½ hanging off was in the middle, and when ¼ of the stick was hanging off, it made the highest pitch sound. The shorter the stick became the less vibrating it seemed to do and the pitch got higher and the volume got quieter.

Rubber Band Investigation: We put a large rubber band around the back of our chair and then pulled it. It made a low pitch sound. We then wrapped it once around our hand as well to make it tighter. It made a higher sound that time. And finally, we wrapped it around our hand twice and it made the highest pitch sound. The tighter it became, the faster it vibrated, the higher pitch the sound was.


This week in reading, we started our book clubs. The books are The Watsons Go To Birmingham, Hatchet, Bridge To Terabithia, Tangerine, and The Sound Of Your Voice. Ms. Namann says that we have book clubs so we can have discussions about the same book and hear other people's thoughts about the story to help our own ideas grow and become more complex.

When we study the characters in a book, we think about their feelings, traits, how they change, what motivates them, how they deal with hard times, and more. If we share our thoughts with other people and they share theirs back, it will become a lot easier to understand the book and to think analytically about the characters. Every night we have to read a certain amount of pages and we have a packet of different jobs we take turns doing with the people in our club. These jobs include the questioner, the discussion leader, the summarizer, the passage detective, the connector, and the illustrator. This is what has been going on in reading.


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By Christopher (Pen & Paper Drawing)
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By Jay & Hayden (Comic - Paper & Colored Pencil)


TNN Book Review

By Hannon

Recently, I read a book titled, Boy, by Roald Dahl. It is an autobiography about Roald Dahl’s early years. This includes Roald Dahl’s first boarding school, which he attended from age 9 to 13. I enjoyed reading this book because Dahl’s childhood adventures were quite terrific, and he always went through the worst you could possibly imagine. But, in the end, you always knew that he would be okay. For example, Roald Dahl’s ancient half-sister has just learned how to drive a motor car, and she was taking the family for a ride. As she got going faster and faster, there came a sharp bend in the road. She didn’t know what to do, so her arms flailed all over the place, and the car sped towards a bush on the side of the road. Roald Dahl got flung through the front windshield, which was made out of glass, and his nose came clear off his face! It was hanging on by a thread, and very bloody, as you can imagine. His mom got her handkerchief and put the nose back in place, while she ordered everyone to quickly get back into the car. The doctor put some sticky plaster on, and they arrived back at Dahl’s house in less than an hour. Roald Dahl was okay in the end, because the doctor simply sewed his nose back onto his face. But, like I said, the worst possible circumstance ever!

I would definitely recommend reading this book., as I would rate it 100 out of 100 stars, So READ THIS BOOK !!!!!!

Question of the Week

Creator & Data Collector, Nathan

Would you rather explore space or the bottom of the ocean?

Explore Ocean

Jay, Grace, Ava, Lila,

Nico, Lukas, Julia, Max,

Patrick,Alexi, Nathan,

Christopher, Hayden, Siena,

Total: 14

Explore Space

Will, Ellie, Keira,

Hannon, Jacqui, Kate,

Total: 6


By Alexi

* Football Player of the Week* - Lee Huffard

* Handball Player of the Week* - Jackson Price

Sports Report

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