Growing Organic Summer Veggies

Grow your own summer veggie garden

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Fed up of eating tired looking vegetables?

Green Essentials is pleased to announce a workshop on Growing Organic Summer Veggies held at XCHR (Porvorim) on Saturday, 18th March between 3:00-6:00pm

With the coming of summer, green leafy veggies become precious and often those bought from the market do not look fresh. Even other vegetables take a beating as they need to travel from far in the heat before they reach you.

Come join us to learn how to design your garden space (whether in pots on in a garden), pick the right seasonal vegetables to grow and learn simple ways to keep your soil moist and cool even as the heat of summer rises.

You will learn, in a practical way, how to get your gardening growing, along with tips to ensure protection from pests and obtain better yields.

Learn to grow Brinjal, Gourds, Beans, Tomatoes, Chillies, Pumpkins, Melons, Squashes, Corn, Lettuce, Sunflowers, Herbs and more…

Also, seasonal seeds, vegetable seedlings and organic garden inputs will be available for sale.

What you will learn?

  • What vegetables can grow in the Summer (and what can’t)
  • What’s planted directly and what can be transplanted
  • How to create a nursery of vegetable saplings
  • How to ensure that your soil (in pots or beds) is well prepared
  • How to space out your plants for better productivity
  • Why mulching is a necessesity in your garden
  • How to manage common pests organically

Growing Organic Summer Veggies

Saturday, March 18th, 3-6pm

Xavier Center for Historical Research, Penha de França, Goa, India

Pre-registration compulsory – Registration fee is Rs 600.
To pre-register visit:

CONTACT: Yogita at 99606-43245 or