Two dead, Two lovers

Romeo and Juliet Faithlyn High hour:7

I blame Juliet, for Romeo and her deaths.

I think Juliet was to blame for because she was trying to fake her death so it caused Romeos friend to mislead Romeo. i chose shinedown's "Crow and Butterfly" because some of the lyrics in the song say how he misses her and he can't believe that he lost her, and i think it applies to Romeo because he couldn't believe that Juliet was dead. Shinedown's lyrics to "crow and butterfly" says " Just like a Crow chasing a butterfly dandelions lost in the summer sky, When you and I were getting high as outer space, i'd never thought you would slip away, i guess I was just a little too late, Just like a Crow chasing a Butterfly dandelions lost in summer sky, when you and I were getting as high as outer space, i'd never thought you'd slip away." Also there is " Your words still serenade me, Your lullabies won't let me sleep, i've never heard such a haunting melody, oh, it's killing me, You know i can barely breath." When Romeo heard his Juliet was dead it's like he couldn't believe it, like he's in shock that she's dead. He also thought they would last forever, but he was too late.
Shinedown The Crow and the Butterfly (lyrics)