anorexia nervosa eating disorder

anorexia nervosa eating disorder

what it is

anorexia nervosa is a serious eating disorder that is self starving yourself and excessive weight loss.


the symptoms of anorexia are, excessive weight loss, crazy about diets calories and working out, worried about being fat, always feeling hungry but refuses to eat, will make excuses to not eat, refuses to eat certain foods and will be different in social and everyday activities.

effects of anorexia

the body needs nutrients to survive and without these nutrients from foods the body can have some bad effects from not eating. slow heart rate and low blood pressure this can lead to heart failure witch may cause death. osteoporosis witch will result in your bones growing smaller and brittle. severe weakness from muscle loss. dry hair and skin and hair loss.

facts about anorexia

here are some facts about anorexia. about 90 to 95% of victims are women, anorexia has the highest death rate out of any mental illness, 1% of American women suffer from anorexia.

what can someone do if they have anorexia

people with anorexia will need to find professional help or else it might lead to their death