Schwartz's Shoutouts!

Week of April 11th

What Are We Learning?


How to synthesize information from multiple texts on the same topic


How to write an introduction and conclusion for an informational writing

How to choose and add pictures to an informational writing that will help the reader


How to find area by counting, adding, and multiplying

Social Studies

How our government works



No homework due to our field trip to Ashtabula!


Read for 20 minutes and put in Bibilionasium

Area math sheet


Read for 20 minutes and put in Bibilionasium

Area math sheet


Read for 20 minutes and put in Bibilionasium

Area math sheet


Have a great weekend!

Dates and Reminders

4/11 - Third grade field trip to Ashtabula plantation

4/11 - school fundraiser kickoff (check green folders for information)

4/14 - Author visit at Spearman

Letters For Students for State Testing

In just over 2 weeks the students will be taking our state test (SC Ready) over 3 days. One way I thought we might boost your child's self-esteem during these stressful days of testing is to have you write three separate and brief encouraging notes for your hold to receive on the mooing of each day of testing.

Your child is experiencing three full days of testing for the first time, and might feel slightly nervous or anxious. I will do everything I can to make sure they don't stress about the test and that they are confidant in all they've learned this year, but your encouragement will give them the extra boost they might need on the mornings of testing.

I want this to be a surprise for your child, so please do not tell him/her about the letters. Send your three notes of encouragement in a closed envelope labeled with your child’s name by Wednesday April 20th.

I hope this will provide your child with some encouragement as we begin each day of testing.