Media getting worse and worse

Imagine a world that people could see every little thing that you do.

Media is in my life most of the time and it’s becoming to take over.And now i think it is a negative affect on me.The reasons are that I spend to much time on media and that im gaining more weight.

The media is a negative effect on me because i spend too much time on it.For example i barely have time to do anything else than to me on media.Also i barely notice things around because of the media.But that’s not all research said that being on your phone too much makes you dumber because you can’t do anything else and you are not learning anything while you are on your phone.

Another reason why media is becoming a negative influence in my life is because i am gaining more weight.Because i am just sitting there doing nothing and research said that while you are doing nothing you crave more and more food so you just eat.Also i don’t exercise so i just gain more and more weight because of the media.

In conclusion the reason why the media is a problem in my life is because i spend too much time on it.Also i am gaining more weight and these are negative things in my life. What i would do to resolve these is to have a time limit to how much i use the media.And start exercising every day for i can get fit and not gain anymore weight.Those are the reasons why it is a negative thing in my life.