Physical Science

Jan 6 to Jan 10

Overview of Week

This week we will be finishing up the Roller Coaster project and Unit 2 on Forces and Motion.
Note: If not school on Monday due to the deep freeze, assignments will be moved back one day.

Monday's assignment

No class today due to semester makeup test day.

Tuesday's Assignment

-- You will be running time tests with your roller coasters and completing data and calculations. Lab sheet for data & calculations will be given to you.
-- Thinklink Assignment

Wednesday Assignment

  • Data & Calculations due & Thinklink Assignment
  • AHA Thesis outline -- Starting but due tomorrow. BE SURE TO HAVE AT LEAST 14 ENTRIES ON YOUR AHA PAGES (pages 96 and 97).

Thursday Assignment

  • AHA outline due (10 points)
  • Start & finish AHA thesis (you need have someone proofread this for you and double check to make sure you meet the guidelines - page 7) --- Due Tomorrow

Friday Assignment - Early out day

  • AHA thesis due (20 pts) -- most be given to me with your outline by email or paper copy
  • If paper is late you will lose 5 points
  • Start and finish self-reflection which is due on Monday. Again make sure you follow the guidelines on page 8.