Marketing Product Specialist

By: Jacob Sengmany


Looking for a marketing product specialist!

Job Description

You will developing marketing content, product positioning and programs to drive awareness of compose products with the goal to grow customer engagement and revenue. You will take ownership of marketing, and platform positioning.

Marketing skills needed

Knowledge in product positioning because the purpose of this job is to help Compose continue to grow with a focus into a new audience to generate new trial signups.


Writing and verbal communication skills at least 5 years

Experience in marketing positioning at least 5 years

Experience in developing personas and understanding the customer journey at least 5 years

Experience in search engine optimization at least 2 years

Experience in content development at least 2 years

Looking for graduates!

Degrees in marketing! (Fanshawe, Conestoga, Georgian, Mohawk, George Brown, etc)

Sales and Marketing - Niagara

Advertising and communications - Sheridan, Canadore, Algonquin, Centennial, St. Clair

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Why is this job perfect for me?

This job is perfect for me because of how it allows me to generate ways into helping a company grow. This is because of how the job makes it so that you must have a way of convincing consumers to try out the new products the company makes. This job is also perfect for me because of how it allows me to work with computers.