St Clare's Catholic High School

Hassall Grove

10 August, 2018

Praise God by Your Life

To provide excellence in education:

  • through quality teaching and learning
  • by providing a safe and creative learning environment
  • by challenging students to strive for academic excellence
  • by being a place where faith and values are enriched and shared within the Catholic tradition.

Principal's Message - Ms Merryweather

Dear families, staff and students,

Thank you all for the wonderful, warm welcome I have received since beginning at St Clare’s. It is a privilege to work with all of you. Thank you to all the families who came to the ‘Meet and Greet’ it was lovely to put names to faces and have the opportunity to get to know you a little better. Although I have been here such a short time I already feel like part of the community.

This school is a very special place reflecting the joy that is part of the world of St Clare’s. I was very lucky to visit the convent of St Clare in Assisi four years ago whilst on pilgrimage with other Parramatta Diocese principals. The convent was a place of calm and beauty where all aspects of life are treasured. St Clare was a woman of strength who gave up everything she had in life to follow her own path. She gave her life to Christ just as our school motto says, ‘Praise God by Your Life’. Therefore, at St Clare’s all members of the community must strive to live out our values including respect, compassion, service and reconciliation so that each student can be the best person that they can be. This is my goal for every student this term whilst I am at the school.

We celebrated the feast of St Clare on Friday with a very special community day. The students were absolutely amazing in the way they embraced our celebration of the Eucharist and the choir demonstrated the exceptional talents of those students involved. The rest of the day was dedicated to a carnival where the school provided a range of rides, a sausage sizzle and ice cream for dessert. The day finished with a talent show where the multitude of talents of our students were on show. There was a lot of joy and laughter throughout the day as the entire school joined together to have fun!

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that the day was a success especially those who were part of the organising committee. I would especially like to thank Miss Stephanie Cassar who led the committee and gave so much time to organising our special Mass and the carnival. It is days like Clare Day that highlight the sense of community and welcome that is the foundation of the school.

This is an exciting time for the school with the announcement of Kevin Jones as the new principal from the beginning of term 4. Kevin’s leadership will bring a new life to the school as the community begins the journey into Stage 6. As well as that the building work has begun and so I thank every member of our community in advance for your patience and support as the builders create our new learning spaces.

Finally, I leave you with this blessing of St Clare:

What you hold, may you always hold,

What you do may you always do

And never abandon.

But with swift pace,

Light step, unswerving feet,

So that even your steps

Stir up no dust,

May you go forward


Joyfully, and swiftly,

On the path of prudent happiness.

God bless,

Cheryl Merryweather

Assistant Principal, Teaching & Learning - Mr Hulme

Student Devices

It is the expectation of the school, that every student bring a fully charged laptop to school everyday. Last year parents of Yearr 9 & 10 students were advised that the iPad was being phased out, and when the device is retired, it was requested that it be replaced with a laptop device. This will allow the students to learn better typing and application skills, and avoid the distractions of Social Media Apps.

Families that are experiencing difficulties with devices have been asked to collect a loan agreement form from the ICT office. This form will be returned for Principal consideration.

Year 10 Meeting Minimum Standards Online Exam

All Year 10 students who were notified that they did not meet the minimum standards in their NAPLAN test last year will be completing the Online exam on August 20 and August 21.

Reading & Writing Exam - Monday 20th August

Numeracy Exam - Tuesday 21st August

Students will attend school as normal, but must bring their own device to complete the online test. A specific browser may need to be installed on the device but instructions will be given to the students.

A Practice exam will be attempted next week.

Improving Literacy and Numeracy - Advice for Parents of Yr 10 Students

If complications with the school wireless/network arise these dates may need to be moved. Students and parents will be notified if this occurs.

NAPLAN Readiness

In preparation for NAPLAN Online in 2019, all CEDP schools will complete a NAPLAN Online Readiness Test in Term 3 of 2018. The school readiness test is a ‘practice run’ for schools to assess their technology ahead of NAPLAN Online. The readiness test is not an assessment of student ability.

Students in Year 7 and Year 9 from each CEDP school will complete this test.

The purpose of the readiness testing is to ensure schools and students are best prepared for NAPLAN Online in 2019. For an overview of NAPLAN Online please view the clip Understanding Naplan Online below.

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Assistant Principal, Wellbeing & Learning - Ms Deschamps

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Please be advised that the uniform details above are a trial for Term 3 only. The uniform expectations and concessions may be changed in Term 4.

All students are expected to wear their full school uniform every day. Students who do not comply with uniform expectations are expected to sit in ampitheatre and may go down a status.

Principal’s Awards

Congratulations to all recipients. This is a huge achievement and contributes to increasing a status level.

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Students with 100% attendance, and 90% and above attendance were acknowledged with attendance certificates this term, three merit awards and a lunch invite in the Passive Area. We congratulate the great commitment of the award recipients to learning.

This term the same challenge will apply. We encourage every student to achieve 90% and above attendance.

Please note students consistently late will receive a certificate for 90% and over attendance, however they will not be invited to lunch.

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Students late to school without a valid reason, are required to go to the Amphitheatre at recess with a Green Slip (they receive upon arrival) indicating the time they are late. The student is required to be on detention for the time they are late to school.

Students consistently late will descend down a status level on the student management plan. We therefore encourage every student to be on time every day!

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We congratulate the following students for their commitment and dedication to learning and the St Clare’s community. St Clare’s is privileged to have a significant student body striving for success and achievement through the status levels. EVERY STUDENT has the ability to ascend through the status levels.

We are proud to award the following status level awards to:

Wardha Ijaz - Silver to Gold to Platinum

Joleen Mikhail - Silver to Gold to Platinum

Denicka Tabios - Bronze to Silver

Jack Murphy - Bronze to Silver

Tomika Harley - Bronze to Silver

Mariam Sidhoo - Bronze to Silver

Chloe Appleby - Bronze to silver

Clare Wilkes - Silver to Gold

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The following students had an intensive learning experience writing a book in 12 hours between 4000-5000 words. This may seem achievable in that time however each group had multiple parameters they had to implement in the structure and content of their storybooks.

The team raised $720.00 for children’s cancer research and each book is published and placed in children’s hospitals around NSW.

The students had an intensive writing experience, whereby every student learnt considerable skills to assist their future writing projects. Congratulations for the wonderful books each team produced!

You can see the student’s bound books in our school library, there are also video versions on Facebook.

The Clare Bears - Year 7

Jade Cabrera

Sean Loteria

Leila Soares Taran

Prudence Johnson

Siddhi Bilash

Marielle Sugpatan

Magnificence - Year 8

Ishka Naidu

Madison Bain

Holly Summers

Andrey Deo

Christina Huynh Manriquez

Veronica Deng

Kirsten Dasig

Benjamin Vidad

Jordan Villaneuva

On Our Way Up - Year 9

Grace Cabasag

Agnes Clemente

Angelina Silva

Adut Deng

Soma Najafi

Shreya Sharma

Year 10 Teams will be involved in Write A Book in a Day on 15/8/18.

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Leader of Wellbeing & Learning - Ms Nielsen

Time for Toast

What an amazing start to the term with Time for Toast! Thank you to the students who have volunteered to help. Remember this is a great opportunity to earn community service time towards increasing your status. Breakfast is free each morning from around 7:45-8:10 am in the Breezeway. Everyone is welcome!

We are kindly inviting parents/carers who are interested in joining us to help with Time for Toast to contact Mrs Nielsen through the School Office.

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Year 10 Picnic

Last week, Year 10 shared lunch together in Passive Area. This was a fabulous opportunity to come together as a Year group and enjoy each other’s company. See our Facebook page for a video from the picnic.

Business Manager - Mr Wakeling

School Fees instalment 3 Due 29th August.

Please note that the third instllment of School Fees and any outstanding balance is due for payment by 29th August unless a payment arrangement is in place or a family financial assessment is being undertaken. Note that the Finance office is open between the hours of 8:00am and 4:00pm.

Please contact the schools finance officers on 9830-2400 and select option (2).

Acting Leader of Learning PDHPE - Ms Turnbull

PDSSSC Netball Semi-Finals

Congratulations to our Junior and Intermediate girls netball team who were both in the Netball semis on Thursday, 9th August. Unfortunately, despite their valiant efforts we were defeated. All players excelled and played a variety of positions. Although not making it to the finals they all had fun and supported each other. Olivia did an amazing job at umpiring for the Intermediates and Kaylan also did an amazing job umpiring and managing the teams and helping the teachers. Well done girls.

Athletics Carnival

Thank you to the students and teachers who made the Athletics Carnival at the Blacktown Athletics Centre such a successful day.

Congratulation to the Age Champions and runners-up on their consistent effort on the day:


1st Talia Latu

2nd Mackenzie Bell


1st Cameron Smith

2nd Riley Butcher


1st Beatres Bruce Luka

2nd Felicity Vaifale


1st Samuel Awad Abbas

2nd Izaac Trewlynn


1st Amber Steward

2nd Eloise Dearie


1st Papaseea Tamaseu

2nd Ronald Lorenzo


1st Chloe Appleby

2nd Clare Wilkes


1st Calven George

2nd Travis Safi


1st Nicola Prescott

2nd Sajal Deo


1st Blake Steward

2nd Jessie Wilson

Overall House Results

Equal 1st Chisholm and Kolbe on 669

3rd Mackillop 619

4th Benedict 425

Leader of Learning TAS - Mr Chhabra

In Term 2, the Year 9 Food Technology class prepared and presented an assignment on a country or culture of their choice. Students needed to find out what food they eat, festivals they celebrate and food habits, past and present. There was an amazing array of food presented of different cultures.

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Our Year 10 Food Technology class created a new biscuit / cookie using five ingredients and completed a design folio to record the process of creating a new food product. The number of cookies and flavours were creative and impressive.

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Leader of Learning CAPA - Mr Smolen

Term 3 is shaping up to be a very busy and exciting time for the Creative and Performing Arts department.

There are a few dates to set aside to witness the extraordinary talents our students are gifted with.

The CAPTIVATE Dance and Vocal group are in preparation for the 10th Anniversary Showcase held at the Quay centre Olympic Park on 21st and 22nd August. Performances start at 7pm. A special thank you to Mrs Ngui and Mrs Naylor as well as the students for the hard work and time they have given in preparation for the performances.

We have our ‘Bring it on’ Dance team competing on Saturday the 8th September. Tickets can be purchased online. Our Dance teacher Mrs Naylor has been working very closely with the team to prepare them for competition standard.

The school Musical ‘Back to the 80’s will be running in the first week of September from the 3rd to the 7th at the Performing Arts Centre, Plumpton. Come along and relive the music and fun from a fantastic era. For further information and ticketing please contact the school or myself closer to the performance dates.

I would like to acknowledge the commitment and hard work given by both staff and students to make these events happen.

Also I would like to extend a big thank you to the parents, caregivers and students for their ongoing support of the Creative and Performing Arts.

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Librarian - Ms Wood

We may have moved to a smaller space but the Library is still a busy place. Lots of students are visiting the Library each day for borrowing, relaxing, chatting, playing games, reading and printing. It was also the perfect place for our exciting venture into “ Write a Book in a Day “ last week. Don’t forget the Library is now located in T7 and open at recess and lunch daily for students.

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Students have until the 31st August to complete reading their 20 books for the challenge. All books need to be uploaded to the student’s Reading Record on the challenge site. This is available on St Clare’s e-Library page or by using the new student site.

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In coming weeks we will be running a Round-Robin Chess Tournament each Friday.

Players will be able to pit their skills against their peers and Mr Rodriguez. Students interested in participating need to register their interest next week so that a draw can be decided.

Leader of Year 7 - Mr Collimore

It was great to see all Year 7 students come together for the picnic lunch in week 2 to celebrate our many successes this year.

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Leader of Year 9 - Mr Eisenhuth

Congratulations to the Year 9 students who received awards at the most recent assembly. Wardha Ijaz and Joleen Mikhail both received the Platinum Status Award. To achieve this the two girls have accumulated over 30 hours of community service and received over 50 diary merits. This is a fantastic achievement.

Jack Murphy received his Gold Status Award, which consists of 20 hours of community service and 40 diary merits. Mariam Sidhoo, Denicka Tabios and Tomika Harley received their Silver Statues Award. This means they have each completed ten community service hours and 30 diary merits.

In addition to these six special awards, a number of Year 9 students also received Principal’s Awards. These awards are given to students who have demonstrated consistent effort across all of their classes and have accumulated over 25 diary merits.

Congratulations to the following students:

Shoneet Singh

Novena Aloisio

Kaitlin Sheslow

Faletolu Patea

Tomutila Paletua

Denicka Tabios

Hazel Samonte

Wardha Ijaz

Adut Deng

Trinity Ng Lam

Joleen Mikhail

Justine Gutierrez

Tomika Harley

Jack Murphy

Mariam Sidhoo

I would like encourage all Year 9 students to continue to strive to show the four P’s each day at St Clare’s, by having a Passion for Learning, Pride, Persistence and being a Peacemaker. With consistent effort to live by the 4 P’s each day, every student has the opportunity to achieve success here at St Clare’s.