By Hayley, Megan and Meghan

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Krakatoa Volcano Eruption

Monday, Aug. 27th 1883 at 1pm


Krakatoa Volcano Type

Krakatoa is a stratovolcano. Stratovolcanoes are the most deadly type of volcanoes. These volcanoes are very tall, with cone like shape. Lava from these types of volcanoes are very thick. Stratovolcanoes are known for their steep sides and explosive eruptions.

Krakatoa Hazards - 1883

  • Rated a six on the volcano velocity index
  • Destroyed the island in the eruption process
  • Many people died, and because of this eruption the island is now uninhabited
  • Had recent geological activity before the earthquake, but people paid no attention to them


Krakatoa is located in Indonesia. It is in between the islands are Sumatra and Java.

Affect of Krakatoa

36,000 people died due to Krakatoa's eruption. People didn't just die because of the eruption, but also because of the tsunami that was over 150 ft high. There were some minor tremors beforehand, but people thought nothing of it. Some considered it the 9th deadliest volcano of all time.