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December 2014 - Student Edition

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Just for Fun

NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) has officially launched their Santa tracker for Christmas 2014. They have also added a mobile feature with a holiday countdown, games, and more. You can go to www.noradsanta.org I have found that it works best in Internet Explorer.
Mental Floss magazine has come up with their Innovative Holiday Guide featuring stories such as "11 Tech Innovations to Rescue You When You're Out of Gift Ideas", "11 Tips for Dealing with Holiday Shopping Crowds, and author John Green testing 16 holiday life hacks. Go to http://mentalfloss.com/section/intel
You just can't get enough Christmas music, Christmas specials on television, and those great Christmas movies. Never fear! Go to http://www.foreverchristmasradio.com/ It's all Christmas 24/7.

Did you know?

According to DailyInfographic.com, here are the Top 50 Toys of the past century. Did any of them make your list in Christmas Past?
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It's Christmas Trivia Time!!!

The first student who comes into the library (sorry, no emails) and correctly answers these 3 difficult Christmas book trivia questions, will get to choose a free book out of the "Giveaway Box of Awesome-ness" (insert trumpet fanfare here!) and a bag of chocolates to help you get through finals week. Presently there are less than 25 students following the Media Center's My Big Campus page so your chances are very good!
What did Harry Potter get for his first Christmas at Hogwarts that was extremely useful?
What was President Franklin D. Roosevelt's favorite Christmas story?
What is the famous Christmas story written by O. Henry?

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