Benchmark Testing and Independent Practice

Dear VAAC Families (Grades K-8),

Next week we will begin virtual benchmark testing. We give benchmark tests three times each year; fall, winter and spring. The purpose is get a big picture understanding of where your child falls in their math and reading skills. This helps us to understand how to design instruction specifically for your child's needs based on his/her strengths and areas for growth.

Our testing will open on Monday, September 21 and will close on September 25.

It's incredibly important that you follow the testing instructions and allow your child to show us what he or she knows independently! Their scores will open up a learning pathway, an exact path to help them grow skills based on their own need. If they get help, the score will be invalid and their pathway will not be correctly set!

You do not want to give more than one assessment per day!

It's really important that you do not:

  • help your child read the questions (unless indicated by an accommodation)
  • tell them if they are answering correctly or incorrectly
  • answer questions for your child

Give them encouragement and support them, but allow them to test independently!

I'm including lots of resources for you to help guide you through this process. Please reach out if you have questions!

Good luck and be well,

Ashley Leneway

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