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Google Classroom Highlights

  • Easy to use
  • Quickly gets students connected to lesson websites and lesson videos
  • Get Kids Creating
  • Quick access to student work
  • Keep students organized with charts, handouts, worksheets

Google Classroom: Tablet vs. Chromebook


  • Teacher Needs to push out the App
  • Student Accounts are connected to tablet accounts (numbered accounts)


  • App is already on Chromebooks
  • Student Accounts are designated Student Accounts (student names)
  1. What type of lessons can I use with my elementary kids in Google classroom?

2. What is the easiest way to connect students into my classroom?

  • Whole Group display of Class Code

3. How do I categorize my classes?

  • Option 1: Academic Ex: Math
  • Option 2: Teacher Ex: Mrs. Hastings
  • Option 3: Lesson or Objective: Opinion Writing
4. How many classes can I create?
  • Infinite # of Classes
5. Can I share my classes and projects with another teacher?
  • Yes, you can add teachers as editors of your class so you can collaborate with the same assignments.