An extra website I used for my Web 2.0 Exploration


Another website I used was Vuvox. This website took forever! I loved it though. In this website you could create a collage, or other options, obviously, I chose to do a collage. You would first upload the pictures, and then spread them all out how you wanted it. I spent a while spreading all the pictures out, so I can add information between them. This is a really cool website, but I wouldn't recommend it to an impatient person. Here is a link to the website

Link to the site!

Here is a link to Vuvox, you can go try out your own collage!


This was an extra website I used for my web 2.0 exploration. I would recommend everybody with patients to try this out. It takes a lot of time to make, so if you don't have patients you will get frustrated easily. I hope you enjoyed this flyer.