Rahimah Grady

Nice to meet you all :-)

Who I am...

Good evening everyone! My name is Rahimah Grady and I am in my last nine credit hours for completion of my B.A. in Applied Behavioral Science. This has been a very exciting experience, especially coming from SOC 402: Contemporary Social Problems & the Workplace. I am currently stationed in Great Falls, Montana where I serve on Active Duty for the United States Air Force. I have been here for about five years and found Montana to be a lot different from the East Coast life I am used to.

I am drawn to Behavioral Sciences because I am all about helping people. Being able to help people to make their situations better is something I dream of doing. Every day I meet people who have issues that stem from their childhoods and I get so drawn into learning their stories. People need help and I just want to be a part of the process. I am a bit too "bubbly" to be in the Cop career field but I am one of those people who is able to adapt to any situation I am throw into.

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