First Semester

Devin Briceno - December 9, 2015

Field Trip

At Texas A&M, I enjoyed seeing all the facilities and hearing all of the traditions that go on campus also hearing the history about the campus with seeing how all the students are on campus also hearing all the opportunities that A&M offers for high school students that apply themselves in A&M.

Sister Wedding

I supported my sister at her wedding by helping set up everything with my mom. I also set up all the decorations. Her wedding was at an old house in Austin. I enjoyed seeing all the old and new family members. I also enjoyed seeing the cake.

Family Time

I spent my Saturday last mouth helping my dad with replacing the brakes on my mom truck. i enjoyed learning from my dad about the process of changing a brake i also felt great spending time with my dad after how long i haven't see him was great to see the old him come back