Monday Morning Bearcub Brief

Volume CIV--20 May 2019

"Every CUB stepping up, reaching out, moving forward!"

Kleb Kudos

Hey Bearcub family, can you believe that this is our last Monday of school, and with it the last Monday Morning Bearcub Brief of the year?!? Just like the last two years, the end of my third year as principal has seemed to sneak up on me. The end of school always brings such a mix of emotions; the sadness of knowing there are nearly 500 bearcubs that I've gotten to know for the past three years that will no longer walk our halls mixed with the joy of being a part of equipping them to move forward to their next challenge and the excitement over new Bearcubs coming in the fall. A sense of pride in finishing another year well mixed with an underlying sense of urgency in preparing to do it all again in the fall. Before we send the year off, let's take a look at some of the awesome things that happened last week at Kleb Intermediate:
This week's first kudos goes out to our Bearcub author Jenna Hackney for having her poem published in the spring 2019 contest from Creative Communications. A huge shout out as well to our 6th grade GT Humanities teacher Marty Cummings and our Young Author's Club sponsor and specialist Susan Collier for investing in our students to help them achieve academic success.
My next kudo goes to the Kleb girls' tennis team for winning the District Championship this weekend! They battled through some tough matches in both singles and doubles to ultimately beat out our rival Doerre Intermediate for the win. Congratulations, ladies! A huge shout out to coach Gregg Blanchard for leading his team to victory.
The third kudos of the week goes to Ms. Libby Jackson and her class of awesome students. Forty five students in Ms. Jackson's class can now call themselves a published author! Thank you Ms. Jackson for inspiring our students to challenge themselves and strive for academic excellence in the classroom. Congratulations to all of our students for a job well done! We are so proud of you!
My fourth kudo goes to our 7th grade Assistant Principal, Mr. Raleigh. Mr. Raleigh serves as our campus testing coordinator and has done an amazing job over the past several months preparing our campus for testing. As a result, our students and staff were able to complete testing on campus in an organized, calm, and supportive environment. Thank you so much Mr. Raleigh for everything you do on campus to support our staff and students. We appreciate you so much! Well done!
My fifth kudo for this week goes to Dr. Fridley-Hereford for investing in her students long after they are in her classroom. She organized an Art I reunion and had half of her former students attend the festivities. Thank you so much, Doc, for investing in future generations! For those of you who don't know, I am among her alumni, and have fond memories of her art class...thanks, Doc, for believing in me and helping me live up to my full potential!
And my final kudos goes to Caden Duncan for breaking not only one but two school records at the district swim meet last Thursday. Caden broke the 50 Free, and the 100 IM, along with the first place finish! Congrats to Caden and the swim team for a great swim season this year!

Cubs of the Week

Huggins Highlights

Staff, make sure to check your 2018-19 Closing Procedures Packet for a list of all the activities through this last week and a half of school. Click here for access to a digital version of the packet.

One event that did not make its way into our closing procedures packet was PTO's Memory Book distribution, which will occur this Thursday, May 23rd during first period. Students who did not pre-order a memory book can purchase one at lunch on Thursday on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Parents, don't forget that your child's participation in the Fun Day celebration on Wednesday, 5/29 is dependent on both behavior and having cleared all fines and fees. Teachers and sponsors are reminding students of outstanding fees throughout this week.

Also, please make sure you send your Bearcub next Tuesday, 5/28 (after Memorial Day weekend) with their Chromebook, charger and case for Chromebook pickup day. The bell schedule will be slightly different on pickup day to allow all students to turn in their Chromebooks through first period:

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Final Exam Schedule:

Friday, May 17: TSDE (part 1), Prin. Info Tech (part 1), PHS (part 1)

Monday, May 20: TSDE (part 2), Prin. Info Tech (part 2), PHS (part 2)

Tuesday, May 21: Prof-Comm., DDMP (part 1), Gateway to Technology (part 1), Health (part 1)

Wednesday, May 22: DDMP (part 2), Gateway to Technology (part 2), Health (part 2)

Thursday, May 23: Spanish I & II (part 1), Algebra/Geometry (part 1), Art 1

Friday, May 24: Spanish I & II (part 2), Algebra/Geometry (part 2), PATH

Finally, parents, don't forget that the last day of school is an early release day! Dismissal will begin at 1:25. The abbreviated bell schedule means that lunch on the last day will really be more of a brunch, so plan accordingly. See the bell schedule below for the last day:

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Here is what is coming up for Kleb PTO:

We are still taking nominations for next year’s board here: (or you can print a form from the PTO website)

If you have a little time or a skill to offer, please consider putting your name in the hat so we can create a strong, well-balanced group that represents our WHOLE school. Don’t forget to pass the interest/nomination form on to anyone who will be coming up from elementary school too. We would also like to have a contact in each of the clubs and organizations here to make sure we are as connected as possible to the needs and activities of our kiddos. Thank you for continuing to support Kleb PTO!

Stay Connected to PTO:
@Klebpt to 81010 (remind) (website)

Chris Villanueva- Making Connections Assistant

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"It is what it is"

Where did you grow up?

Pensacola Beach, Florida

How many years have you been in education?


Where did you go to school?

Florida State University

What was your first job?

teaching piano for my parent's music studio

What is your favorite family tradition?

Christmas breakfast with the family

What is one thing that you wish everyone knew about you that they probably don't?

That I sang with the Houston Symphony Chorus

What are three things that are on your bucket list?

To go back to Kuwai, visit Scottland and stay with each of my children 3 months at a time!!

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Attendance Counts

Did you know you can now report an absence in Skyward? Click HERE for more information.

Any student who is absent for the whole day is required to produce one of the following within 5 days of their absence(s):

  • Parent Note
  • Parent email (within 5 days of absence)
  • Original medical note (copies or altered notes will not be accepted)
  • Faxed notes must be sent from physician’s office
  • Court note
  • Official note for observance of approved religious holy days

***If a student is absent for part of the day for a doctor appointment, their absence will be coded as Section 25 (temporary absence) if the student follows the following procedure: The student must return the doctor excuse to the Attendance Office immediately upon returning to school to receive the Section 25 coding for their absence.

If a student does not produce one of the items listed above within the allotted timeframe, that absence will be considered unexcused and counted toward their total semester absences.

Klein ISD takes attendance very seriously, and we want to see your child succeed at Kleb. If you have any questions regarding attendance, please feel free to contact the attendance office or your assistant principal.

Additional attendance information can be found starting on page 27 of the handbook.

Attendance Information in the Klein Handbook

This Year's School Calendar

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Sneak Preview--Next Year's School Calendar!

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Have a great week, Bearcubs!

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