Happy Tails

Dog walking made easy

Happy tails = Happy Masters

From the creators of the Scuba Master and Cup 2.O comes the all new product, Happy Tails! Happy Tails is a dog walking cart that you can control from the comfort of your driveway. Simply attach your dog's leash to the hook and set them loose. Then use the remote control steering wheel to control where the cart takes your dog. Strong enough to keep control of your dog and has car sensing technology to keep your dog safe. If you have a cat, simply bring Happy Tails inside and hook on a toy. Have it drive around while your cat chases and pounces, allowing you to rest on the couch. It's solar power panels allows for quick and easy charging.

All it costs is 5 easy payments of $25 and a one time shipping and handling fee of $19.99


Keep out of the reach of children. Use responsibly. Be a good person and report someone abusing their animals. Call 911 to report.