Digital Professional Development

Transforming your classroom through technology integration.

Helping our students to become smart and responsible digital learners.

Step 1: Meet as a grade level to discuss the training needs for your students and utilizing technology in a school setting. Possible topics: How to handle technology properly, Creating a digital footprint, Digital use at school compared to home.
Step 2: Work to create a model lessons for each grade level with TSC, Reading Coach, Media Specialist, and Technology. These individuals will set up a time for model lessons.
Step 3: Monitor students and provide reminders as needed. Possibly use websites with courses to develop digital citizenship for remediation and additional lessons.

Creating an Interactive List of Technology Resources

Step 1: Utilize these links to post great websites and applications and then view them later to see what our amazing teachers are using and doing.

Post Free Websites that will Enhance Education and Learning:

Look at what the websites that your fellow teachers are utilizing to enhance education:

Post Technology Applications that will help to integrate technology into your classroom:

Look at the great technology applications being used to enhance learning:

Step 2: We will be sharing technology projects, amazing technology applications, and fantastic websites. This will be an open share and collaboration time.

Creating, Implementing, and Reflecting on a Lesson that Integrates Technology

Step 1: Create a collaborative plan to integrate technology into a lesson. Media Specialist, Teacher Support Colleague, Reading Coach, and Technology can help during the planning and learning phase.
Step 2: Implement the lesson with the individuals to be available for tech support and additional hands.
Step 3: Reflect on the the lesson and how you will or will not use the technology application in the future.
Step 4: Share your lesson with your team at a PLC.