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STPL Paywings is a Payroll application deployed at Client machines and a centralized database which is deployed at Client Data centre. STPL’s Paywings is a Comprehensive yet easy to configure and use HR & Payroll Software Solution, with this application Administration department can perform all their tasks of their employees, It integrates with all industry standard Biometric Devices to capture automated employee time in and time outs.

For those, who would not prefer a biometric device driven attendance system, can also record attendance of employees directly into the system. Salary, Leave, Attendance and Loan processing can be calculated.

Payroll which is applicable to diverse business industries is a perfect platform for re-engineering your HR processes and redefining the workflow operations of HR professionals, paving the way to a new level of HR Management. Paywings payroll software is a beautifully designed application with user friendly and touch screen interface.

Paywings provide wings to organization whether using biometric device integrations or not using biometric device integrations. It starts with minimum Single user in case of small business/industry or small organizations and also Multi User i.e. Global Organizations.

Paywings work both Offline as well as Online. This can also be integrated with the Active Directory Services (if the company uses any). Paywings has an immersive salary generation process i.e. including Basic salary, Allowance i.e. (D.A, HRA, LTA, etc.) as per rules and regulations defined by organization.

Paywings also strikes with components like tax, Loan, Advance, also generates Promoting for user and alerts on Promotion Anniversary, Birthday. Paywings covers all in one combo for small as well as big/global organizations.

Also Components like Call Duty Employee Shift Mapping, Special Earnings, and Offline Upload Attendance Details of employees can also be applied. Also featuring in Reports i.e. Biometric details, Employee Details, Advance/Loan Reports, Complete Salary Details, Special Earnings/Deductions, Component Details, Headcount Report, Audit Trail, Bank Advice, and Hold Release.