2/8/16 - 2/12/16

Mon Feb 8, 2016

7:30am Trip to Wilmington City Schools

4:30pm 6th Grade Boys Basketball - gym

6pm 6th grade girls basketball - gym

7:30pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Tue Feb 9, 2016

4:30pm 5th grade Girls BBall - Hillsheim

6pm 5th/6th Grade Girls Basketball - gym

Wed Feb 10, 2016

8am OLWEUS Team Meeting

4:30pm 6th Grade Boys Basketball - gym

6pm 6th grade girls basketball - gym

6:30pm Girl Scout Troop 10239 - commons

8pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

Thu Feb 11, 2016

2:45pm Valentine class parties

4:30pm 5th grade Girls BBall - Hillsheim

5:30pm 3rd Gr. Girl Scouts Video

6pm 4th Grade Boys Basketball - gym

Fri Feb 12, 2016

All day Professional Development Day - NO SCHOOL

8am Theoretical Drill Training at HS

8:45am Elementary Building Specific Training

9:15am Scenario Emergency Training Video

9:45am Debriefing

10:30am Book Study Meeting

11:30am Lunch provided in each building

12:30pm Common Assessment/Rubric Work Time

6pm Jr. High Softball - Limes

7pm Kindergarteners sing National Anthem at Half Time of the Boys Basketball Game


Please remember to have the student fix lockers that are not fully shut. It should be reopened, and completely shut (both at the top and the bottom). Please watch out for this so we can keep our building "new" as long as possible.

Again, please remember to put your party volunteers on the google shared form.

Thank yous

Thank you again Lianna for being such a great counselor!

Thanks staff for taking the electronic attendance daily and thank you for having it submitted by 9:20.

Thank you custodians for keeping this place clean while all the sicknesses are going around.

Thank you cafeteria staff for helping Lianna and Mr. Opsincs with the hot chocolate reward! Much appreciated.

Thank you Helen and Kelsey for substituting in the lunchroom.