8TH Grade FASTPASS Carpool


* FASTPASSES will be passed out by an administrator in the FASTPASS LANE IN THE EMPLOYEE PARKING LOT.

NOTE: If you are unable to collect your FASTPASS during the first two-weeks of school, it may be collected at another time by making arrangements with Rawlings Johnson. Please plan on collecting your FASTPASS in the afternoon when you pick your 8th grader with siblings/carpool.


FASTPASSES are issued one per household. If you have a household that requires two passes (i.e. the child is registered as residing equally in two households), please see Mr. Rawlings Johnson and you will be accommodated.

* Lost FASTPASSES will not be replaced.

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NOTE: FASTPASSES will be passed out by an administrator on Monday, August 6th at dismissal in the FASTPASS PARKING LOT.

Please advise your 8th grader (and their siblings) to go to the Employee Parking Lot for Dismissal (on the side of the building) on Monday, August 6th. Parents will be issued a FASTPASS when you come to pick up your 8th grader.

If you have any questions, please email Administrator Rawlings Johnson.

* FASTPASSES will NOT be issued in the front office.

FASTPASS is for Afternoon ONLY. Dropping off your child in the Employee Lot in the morning will cause you to loose FASTPASS privileges.

8TH Grade FASTPASS Carpool

Starting on Monday, August 6th through the end of the school year, we are going to run a second carpool for 8th-grade parents through the Employee Parking Lot at Dismissal Time. Car riders and walkers will be released at the normal time of 4:05 PM.


  • 8TH GRADE BENEFIT: FASTPASS carpool will be for 8th-grade parents ONLY! This is a pilot program by our Administration.
  • FOR DISMISSAL ONLY: 8th-Grade FASTPASS is for DISMISSAL ONLY. Parents may line up from 3:45 PM to 4:10 PM in the Employee Parking Lot to wait for the dismissal bell at 4:05 PM.
  • NO MORNING DROP OFF IN EMPLOYEE LOT. Parents are not permitted to use the Employee Parking Lot for drop off in the morning. Using the Employee Parking Lot for morning drop off will result in loss of FASTPASS.
  • PASSES ISSUED IN CARPOOL APRIL 23-25: Next week during carpool, our administrators will begin handing out yellow hanging tags to just 8th-grade parents. ONLY ADMINISTRATORS CAN ISSUE 8th GRADE FASTPASS TAGS.
  • NO SHARING OF PASSES or FASTPASS WILL BE REVOKED. Passes are intended only for 8th-grade parents. The purpose of the secondary carpool is to reduce the cars and to speed up the other carpool lane.
  • MUST HAVE YELLOW TAG: All vehicles must have a yellow FASTPASS tag to enter the Employee Parking Lot. Cars not in possession will be asked to leave and use the other carpool lane. Students in the wrong carpool area will be redirected.
  • NO WALKING IN PARKING LOT: Students will not be allowed to walk across the parking lot to get into cars. Students will be released by administrators in the same fashion as the other carpool.
  • STUDENT WAITING AREA: Students will wait on the sidewalk until their ride pulls around to pick them up. If it’s raining, all students will wait under the portable awning near the 8th-grade door.
  • NO PARKING: Do NOT pull in and park in the spaces. Parking spaces are reserved for teachers and staff. Please be respectful of staff parking spaces.
  • STAY IN CARS - ALL PARENTS MUST STAY IN CARS. Please stay in your car and form a line. Please follow the arrows. NO PETS OR PEOPLE OUT OF CARS!!
  • LINE UP: The first car should pull around the sign stating, “CARPOOL LINE STARTS HERE"
  • ARRIVE PRIOR TO 4:10 PM: 8th-grade FASTPASS cars must be in the Employee Parking Lot prior to 4:10 PM or they will be redirected to the other carpool.
  • NO ADMITTANCE BEFORE 3:45 PM or AFTER 4:10 PM. No new cars will be admitted to the parking lot past 4:10 PM. 8th-grade pick-up parents will NOT be allowed in the back once buses begin to depart. Cars attempting past 4:10 PM will be interfering with the bus departures.
  • SIBLINGS & CARPOOL RIDERS PERMITTED WITH 8th-GRADE CAR RIDER: Pick-up of 8th-grade students w/siblings & carpool riders will be in front of the Connections Hall. Please instruct all members of the 8th-grade carpool to wait in front of the C-Hall exit or in front of the 8th-Grade Hall by the portable when raining.
  • BE COURTEOUS TO TEACHERS & STAFF: FASTPASS recipients are asked to use courtesy to other drivers and to the teachers and staff in the Employee Parking Lot. The use of the Employee Parking Lot is something that is not done in other schools. The administration appreciates teachers and staff for sharing their parking lot.


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