Arguement analysis

By:Esther woo

write a good structured arguement analysis that'll answer with a broad statement to prove your point, use an example for evidence for back up

find the speaker,audience,and purpose?

Local authorities are considering an amendment to the litter law that would raise the fine for littering in the community picnic area to $1,000. (2) Advocates say that raising the fine will make people take notice of the law. (3) They may be correct that higher fines get more attention. (4) Since the inception of the litter law, incremental increases in the littering fine have proven to be consistently effective at further reducing the amount of litter in the community picnic area. (5) However, raising the fine to $1,000 would actually have the unintended effect of increasing the amount of litter in the picnic area. (6) Picnic area users would perceive this fine to be unreasonable and unenforceable, and would disregard the litter law altogether.

strengthen the conclusion whatr's the speaker,audience,and purpose in the discussion above?