The life of Bob Dylan

By: Kevin Averre and Delaney Madsen

Early life

  • Born in Duluth, Minnesota on May 24, 1941
  • Briefly attended University of Minnesota
  • Grew up in Hibbing, Minnesota
  • Said to have been a rebellious child
  • Often ran away from home
  • Lived a normal middle class life
  • Played guitar, piano and harmonica
  • Formed a rock and roll band in high school


  • Woody Guthrie was his idol as a child
  • Moved to New York City to meet Woody Guthrie
  • Changed his name to represent the poet Dylan Thomas
  • Folk music
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Time period

  • 1960's
  • Vietnam war
  • Space race against the USSR began
  • Cold war in Europe
  • One of his major hits, "Times They Are A Changing" was treated towards civil wars (Vietnam War, Cold War)
  • In 1963, Dylan wrote an antiwar song called "A Hard Rains Gonna Fall"
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Their Music

  • Rock songs
  • ''Like a Rolling Stone''
  • ''Blowin' in the wind''
  • ''Just Like A Woman''
  • Often performed with acoustic guitar and a harmonica
  • Released first album in 1961
  • Known for distinctive nasal voice
  • Said to have one of the most unusual singing voices of his time
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Intresting facts

  • Real name was Robert Allen Zimmerman
  • 2009 received medal of arts
  • By 1964 Dylan was performing 200 concerts per year
  • Inducted into rock and roll hall of fame in 1988
  • Released over 40 albums
  • Refused to stay in one place as an artist

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