PIM Co-Op Course Details

About the Class

What is this class...

Practicum education is a class designed to provide related classroom instruction and on-the job training for high school students preparing to enter employment in occupations requiring knowledge and skills in a specific marketing related area.

The Training Station:

Marking Cooperative Education is an effort between the school and the business community to give students the opportunity to learn the “world of work” in a realistic setting.

The Class:

Just Do It!" "Do the Dew." Have you ever bought something and a few days later wondered why you spent all your money on it? In this course you will obtain the skills needed to have an understanding of the marketing world. Skills learned will include purchasing, financing, distribution, pricing, risk management, promotion, selling, and marketing information. Concepts learned will include target marketing, the marketing mix, business ethics, and designed promotional plans.
What we do:
  • Notes
  • Projects
  • Assignments
  • Tests
  • Have fun!

Student Assessment

Daily: (Tests, Quizzes, assignments, projects, worksheets, homework,presentations, etc).....55%

Minor Grade (Dependability Grading Rubric every 3 weeks

includes Attendance, Paycheck stubs, Coordination).............................................................. 20%

Major (Employer Evaluation every 9 weeks)........................................................................ 25%

Semester Exam ............................................................................................................................... 15%

Find out when we are out of school at 12:15, 11:30 or 1:00. Also find DECA meeting dates and binder check dates. Please know that dates can change but you will be given as much notice as possible. Remember school come first!
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Some things to know about PIM Co-Op

  • Students must work a minimum of 15 hours a week and 10 of those hours must be Monday thru Friday. Students are not limited to the minimum hours and may work as many as they feel can be handled.
  • Students are responsible for finding their own job, but the teacher/coordinator will help by giving leads and helping set up interview and phone calls. Teacher has final approval of any job/ training station.
  • Students are required to maintain the job that has been obtained all through the school year.

  • If given permission to change jobs or are release from his/her job students have five days to get a new job before being removed from the program.
  • Students must maintain communication and documentation to prove that job changes are necessary.

  • Students may only change jobs in extreme circumstances and may only change jobs ONE time if permission is given

  • If terminated due to failure to meet employer’s expectation, student's grade will be will be a zero for that nine week’s employer evaluation.

  • Students are required to follow all school and district policies while at the training stations.

  • Students will not be permitted to leave a job without prior approval from the teacher, a written notice to employer and documentation of reasons.

  • Students receive grades from a combination of classroom work and job performance.

  • Students may not go to work if they are absent from school. Permission must be given by the teacher.

  • Students found to be working on a day they were absent from school and permission was not granted to work that day will have his/her nine week grade be no higher than a 60%

  • Students are expected to call if they are absent for any reason by 11:30 AM. This will be part of the dependability grade. The teacher is permitted to use his/her discretion to determine if a valid reason allows students to work if school is missed.

  • Students are expected to join DECA

Tranining Station Evlauations

  • The evaluation that will be used each nine-weeks is delivered to the training station employer. The due date is on the paper and is due that date or the student is penalized. This evaluation is worth 25% of the students nine week grade.
  • The evaluation will measure the student’s progress.

    The reasons for an employer to complete an evaluation of the student-learner are:

    · To assess the employer’s perception of student progress in achieving the established objectives in the Training Plan.

    · To indicate areas of the student’s performance that require improvement

    · To determine new directions for training and objectives

    · To help determine the student’s grade for the training portion of the program.

Depedability Grade

  • Given every three week grading period
  • Worth 20% of your grade
  • Graded on the following categories:
~ Check Stubs
~Following program guidelines
~ Class participation and contribution
~ Hours
~ Work habits
  • Penalty Points deducted base on Attendance
- 10 pts. 1 absence without call
- 25 pts. for 2 absences without call
- 50 pts. for 3+ absences without call
*Failure of dependability grade for over 3 absences. Conferences will be held if student is absent more than 3 dates with or without call during grading period.
  • Bonus points for:
~ DECA meeting attendance
~ Perfect attendance

MOST Important

Due dates, requirements, paperwork, are not options these are a BIG deal to me and The STATE of Texas!

I have to submit paperwork and keep paperwork for a period of time to show your involvement in the class and training station.

Your ability to be on top of what is required and due dates also shows me the type of employee you are.

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Who's Your Teacher

Mrs. Jessica Brown
Hometown: McPherson, Kansas
College: Kansas State University
Degree: BS Secondary Business Education
Family: Three kids; Addyson, Reid and baby and happily married
Teaches: Advertising, Sports & Entertainment Marketing, and PIM Co-Op
Loves: Marketing, college football, food, Starbucks
Pets: Dog: Parker (lab),

Course Requriment Quiz

Thursday, Aug. 31st, 12pm


Quiz is on Moodle and needs to be completed by 8:15 AM. There may or may not be in class time for this quiz so be prepared to do as homework.

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