King and I

A Great Broadway Musical

King and I Information Summary

The broadway musical King and I was first released on June 28, 1956 and was directed by Walter Lang. The novel of King and I was written by Emest Lehman and Margaret Landon. All the music in King and I was by Richard Rodgers, and the musical was edited by Robert L. Simpson.

5 Facts about the muscial.

1. The muscial was made in the United States.

2. Oscar Hemmerstein helped out in the musical.

3. The musical was a big hit winning Tony Awards for Best Musical

4. It is based on the 1944 novel Anna and the King of Siam by Margaret Landon

5. The Broadway premire was at St. James Theatre.

More Interesting Facts.

2 actors that appeared in the musical:

1. Gertrude Lawrence

2. Yul Brynner

2 songs from the muscial:

1. I Whistle a Happy Tune.

2. Hello, Young Lovers.

Awards and Recognitions:

- Best Muscial, Best Actress and Best Featured Actor.

3 interesting facts:

1. The whole muscial is 133 minutes.

2. The muscial was premired March 29, 1951.

3. Costume Designer is Irene Sharaff.