SPED Friday (news)Flash

Hopper Middle School 2/27/15

Good Bye February!

I don't know about you guys, but I am SO glad that February is over this weekend! The 'busy-ness' has just seemed non-stop recently..I can't speak for everyone here, but I can say that I have been fighting through feelings of being drained, tired, grouchy, and occasionally at my wit's end.

The good news: Spring Break is only 5 school days away!! I am ready to take a step back, relax, regroup, and come back after the break ready to finish this year strong. This is the time of year when our students AND our co-workers need us to stay strong and consistent- don't give up!

Congratulations to all of you for making it through this morning's CBA, I know that testing is always more stressful than teaching and it makes for an extra long day- you should all enjoy a frosty beverage this afternoon (iced tea, etc.) and pretend that it is from me! :)

Weekly Updates

Please see the attached documents for updates, including:

~Case Manager List

~Teacher/Para Schedule

~Student Schedules (names that are blue and not bolded have new schedules)

~Oral/small group (master list)

~STAAR planning worksheet


* 5th 6 weeks Accommodations sheets should be out to teachers

* stay current on data collection so you don't get overwhelmed!

* notify me as you hear of upcoming tests and quizzes

* look over new paperwork for concerns/changes

* check attached information for updates

*call/text/email if you will be absent