Narrativizing Data

How to Manipulate Statistics to Fit Your Version of Things

Reading: Useless to Modern Man

Most people don't have time to read anymore. Between eating Hot-Pockets on the subway and crying in empty rooms, we don't get much time to sort through piles of text

Turn Info into Winfo!

When you strip away most of the content or context from numbers, you can get people to believe anything by adding pictures and nicely designed illustrations.

But Won't They See Through My Ruse?

Of course not!

They'll Just Believe What You Tell Them

It's hard to have an opinion about current events, social issues, or important topics if you're severely under-informed. Studies show that if you appeal to people's emotions, ESPECIALLY if you scare them, they'll be more likely to believe you (especially if they don't know anything to begin with!).

Keep The Data In the Background UNLESS IT'S INFLAMMATORY!

Don't confuse them with numbers, trick them with pie charts!