Earthquake In San Francisco 1906~

April 18, 1906 a big earthquake struck San Francisco

On April 18, 1906 their was an earthquake in San Francisco California. The people who lived their called it the great earthquake. It was 5:20 when the great earthquake broke lose then 20 to 25 mins later it started agin. The great earthquake started a fire, it lasted for 3 days burned down houses burned rare books and other people's stuff. Some people lost their houses from the great earthquake and from the fire.
The great earthquake shook 45 to 60 seconds. The fire lasted for 3 day, most of the people went to the San Francisco park to be safe from the fire. Most of the earthquake occurred at San Francisco Bay. It took fewer than 8 minutes for the earthquake waves to travel 2,500 miles to Washington, D.C. It took 24 hours for the earthquake to stop, the earthquake destroyed homes and it cased a fire that burned peoples houses.