Wildcat Weekly Jan. 11th-15th

You have homework within this newsletter!

Thank Yous, Applause, and Acknowledgements

  1. Big round of applause to everyone with their positive attitude towards that whirlwind Acuity testing. We'll discuss our results during Wednesday PD. Much appreciation for Brian and Michelle for completing the ESS exams and taking on that challenge.
  2. Welcome back, Katie Thill! She was here last week but I held her hostage to help with Acuity grading.
  3. If you have yet to check out Everett and Cynthia in action, I encourage to swing by the gym and workout along with the kids. The two of them are an instant team.
  4. We all survived two days of indoor recess! Whoo hoo to that!
  5. Take a loop around the hallways and view all the new art in Studio Wildcat. Seriously, some days I feel like I should have paid an admission to check out all the wonderful displays Beth organizes.
  6. I am considering posting pulling the video footage from the hallway outside of Tom's room. Tom, thanks for the lively guitar/rock band sessions! It was fascinating to watch the staff walk by the choir room and instantly get their groove on! Shelly even changed her walk down the hall to the beat of the music. good times, good times!
  7. Kevin is our only January birthday celebration and I am sure he had a fantastic time on Saturday, tearing it up with his family. We did miss Holly's birthday on December 26th so I say we celebrate her day on January 26th. Cake is always a good idea!

Housekeeping items

  1. For those of you who are new to APS, when tax time rolls around, you'll need to access your W-2s via a website. I encourage you to establish your account for that now to ensure all your log in information works. The site is attached below in a link.
  2. If you have students you'd like me to make a positive phone call home, please send me an email and a line or two about the situation and I will make a phone call early next week. My list was a little shorter than normal due to grading so I would LOVE to assit you all with positive phone calls home. It is the first time we've conducted ACCESS online so a few glitches are to be expected but I am confident we will figure it out together.
  3. I asked that everyone read the email I forwarded from John Youngquist. The title of the email was "You Need to Read This." There is a thread established within our GOOGLE CLASSROOM for you to respond to and post your own comment. Please have your response done prior to Wednesday, January 13th.
  4. Lindsey Dzurko passed along an interesting tidbit to me. The official organized date has passed but we could organize a programming hour at Arkansas sometime soon. Here is the link to check out the proposal. https://hourofcode.com/us. have this read before January 20th. I will include it in next week's newsletter as well.
  5. The ELD office in the library is a mess. Over the past few months, it's become a storage closet. Once it is cleaned out, please note that it is someone's office space so let's respect it as such.
  6. I walked around and checked classrooms to ensure they were still student-centered. If you received a note from me, please note that the deadline is this Friday to make those adjustments.
  7. You have access to TAbleau if your students took CMAS last year. Attached below is the email from re: directions to accessing results.
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Your Homework prior to Wednesday

  1. Post a comment on the Google Classroom question. https://classroom.google.com/c/NTQ4OTMzOTBa
  2. We have a Sunshine Walk this Saturday to visit homes in our neighborhood. If you'd like to bake, walk, nominate kids or do any of the combinations, please fill out the Google Form: http://goo.gl/forms/Il3X4XNZm0

Schedules for the Week

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I enjoy my TIME with you and our kids. How are you spending your TIME? Great questions at the end of the video.

Inspirational Video - "The Value of Time"
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