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January 29, 2021

*IMPORTANT* COVID-19 Self-Reporting

If your student or anyone in your household have tested positive for COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19, use this form to self-report and request a return to work/school letter.

If you are a parent/guardian who tested positive for COVID-19, please use this form to report your positive test results and report any children who are in quarantine due to your positive test results.

COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form Livingston County

Important Dates!

Monday, February 1st - NO SCHOOL/Records Day

Wednesday, February 3rd - IN PERSON LEARNING DAY

Monday, February 8th - Picture Retake Day

Principal’s Message - January 29, 2021

Dear Hornung Families,

Just a reminder that there won’t be school this coming Monday, February 1, 2021. Brighton Area Schools Elementary Teachers will be involved with Professional Development. School will resume on Tuesday, February 2nd. There will be no “Remote Wednesday” this coming week. Live sessions at Hornung will occur Tuesday through Friday.

Secondly, please read the article from the “Reading Connection” that focuses on comprehension with younger grade levels.

“Read Between the Lines”

Learning to infer, or “read between the lines”, is one key to good reading comprehension. Consider these tips for helping your youngster make inferences when they read.

Describing the setting - Pick a book and read a few sentences to your child (without them looking). Leave out words that name the setting. Example: “Sand stretched in all directions…cacti dotted the landscape.” Can they tell you where the story is set? If they aren’t sure, give a hint (i.e. “Where do you see lots of sand and cacti?)

Look for Lessons - Fables are great for reading between the lines. Read one by Aesop, and help your child figure out the lesson. For instance, “The Tortoise and the Hare” teaches that even if you’re slow, you can win if you just keep going. Have them point out parts that are used to make the inference. (“The tortoise never stopped and he took one good step after another.”)

Use Prompts - Questions that start with “Why do you think…?” or “How do you know…? can encourage your child to infer. You might ask them why do you think the character behaved the way he did or how do he know that it’s going to snow. Together, look for clues in the book that may help your child answer the questions.

Source: “Resources for Education”, Reading Connection – Beginning Edition

Sincerely, Jack Yates

Hornung Elementary Principal


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PTO Buzz

Thank you Hornung Parents!!! We received enough gift cards to fully fund a staff luncheon! You are the best!

There are still some snacks and coffee left, if you would like to participate.

We have over 60 staff members at Hornung. They all make it a great place for our kids to learn. It’s awesome when we get to show our appreciation.

If you ordered from the wishlist, and shipped to your home instead of the registry address, please drop your items to the front office.

Our next virtual PTO Meeting will be on Wednesday, February 10th at 9:30am. Please join us as we start planning the Family Fun events and activities for the rest of the year.

We will host our sixth annual Hornung Silent Auction virtually this year. A big thanks to the parents who have volunteered to oversee a classroom basket. Please keep an eye out for emails/sign-ups that will allow you to contribute to the effort. This auction is a major source of income in keeping our PTO’s activities funded. Volunteers will have an online meeting on Wednesday, February 3rd, at 11:00 am to further discuss the plans.

Your Hornung PTO,

President: Deanne Ferrell

Vice President: Jami Kilduff

Treasurer: Karen Nicholson

Secretary: Bill Rockwell

Important Phone Numbers

Hornung Office - 810-299-4450

Hornung Attendance Line - 810-299-4454

Jack Yates, Principal Office 810-299-4451

Hornung Fax - 810-299-4460

Hornung Friendship Center – 810-299-4461

BAS Central Office - 810-299-4000

BAS Transportation – 810-299-3890

Specials Schedule

Monday, February 1st - NO SCHOOL

Tuesday, February 2nd - B Day

Wednesday, February 3rd - C Day

Thursday, February 4th - A Day

Friday, February 5th - B Day

Picture Retake Day!

Hornung Picture re-take and makeup information

The following information is for In-Person students only.

BVA students will receive separate information regarding your instructions.

Hornung's picture re-take / makeup day is February 8, 2021

--If your child was absent on the original picture day please go to and use picture day ID EVTVVKJRR to place your order on line.

--If your child is having their picture re-taken, please return the original picture packet the day of pictures. They will then have their picture retaken.

--Please complete the attached Google Form to give us an idea of how many students to expect on Make Up / Retake Day.

--Any other questions, please direct them to Ruth at



Picture Day and

Yearbook Volunteer

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Kindergarten Round Up Information

Please click this button for Kindergarten Round Up Information

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Counselor Corner

Happy New Year from your Elementary Counselor, Mrs. McKiddy! We hope you had a well rested, and memory filled, time with your loved ones. For the month of January, we are taking time to further acknowledge and support that extra added stress this crazy year has brought us. We are diving into mindfulness, coping skills, and other practices that treat the mind, body, and soul. The goal of these lessons is to promote self-regulation and self-reflection in our young learners, as well as to practice a sense of peace and calm during our days.

Lets Connect: If you are noticing some behaviors that are interfering with your child’s success in the classroom, please feel free to complete my parent referral form and we can work together to determine if supports are needed here at school.

More Resources: We also have our BAS Elementary Counseling website for ideas and resources to be used at home!

Mrs. McKiddy


Parent Referral Form:

Student Check-in Form:

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BAS Parent Tech Guide

Hornung Families - we are happy to provide you with a resource guide to help with student learning on technology at home. Click on this resource link to access our BAS Parent Tech Guide. We hope you find this helpful! ~Mrs. Richards

BAS Parent Tech Guide

BAS PACK of DOGS December Newsletter

Hornung Virtual Open House for Families