Brilliant Brains Bulletin - Seventh


Mrs. Redmon

Current Studies and Explorations

In Mrs. Redmons' class, our seventh grade gifted student is continuing to dive deeper in the study of ornithology.

In January, we are continuing to take our artistic journey within the Birds of America book by Audubon. We will dive into his bio & look at his birding skills, sketch journal techniques, & discover his life endeavors. Through that journey, we will discover his art techniques as used in his book of North American birds. Then using the medium of pastels, we will create our own bird masterpiece & draw inspiration from Audubon's pieces of art.

In February, we will start a Cornell University Lab of Ornithology course on Being a Better Birder. We will look into the various aspects of birding in the field, the research behind it, the tools needed, & they keen eye you must have to observe the various species of birds.

Upcoming Events

BREC Bluebonnet Swamp:

- March 19th: Rockin' At the Swamp (explore the exciting world of rocks, minerals, gemstones, and fossils).


~9 am-4pm

~Adults: $5
~Children (Ages: 2-17): $4
~Children (Ages: 2 & younger): Free

Highland Road Park Observatory:

-Every Friday & Saturday Nights: Evening Sky Viewings (Free/all ages/Fri.: 8:30-10pm/Sat. 7:30-10pm)

Dates to Remember

Mardi Gras Holiday- February 8-10 (No School)

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