Hero Project

By. Ray Gaither

Part 1

My hero in my life would have to be my Dad. He has raised me to be the best man I can be. He doesn't go easy on me cause i am his son he goes harder on me cause he expects more. He has also set a great example for me to try to be like him he is always so nice and kind to people. he will go way out of his way to help someone especially me.

Part 2

“I’m not gonna come down, down off of these clouds. All these heroes come and go, you’re still standing. You teach me to rise up, to open my eyes up. All these heroes come and go, you’re still standing. You’re still standing.” – David Cook I think the message behind these lyrics are that the earthly heros that will come and go and won't always be there for you. But the big man upstairs (god) always will. I think he used hero the way he did to try to make him sound more human than he his less perfect. I think the intentions of these lyrics are to try to help you understand that is a hero(god) that is always there for you

Part 3


When Beowulf fights granduls mom you can tell it was fate for them to fight just like in the movie shrek when the king takes shreds girl you know its fate for them to get back together.


Beowulf show this when we goes and fights the dragon he goes out into the unknown to take him on. In Finding Nemo his take hates leaving the reef but to find his boy he travels across the ocean witch shows bravery.


He always says he believes that he gives him strength and helps him fight. In the movie Facing The Giants the kicker of the football team is getting ready to kick a 50 harder against the wind and the coach prays and the wind changes direction and helps him make the field goal.