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What's Going On...

  • Due to the Book Fair - Library classes will meet in the Community Room - please make sure they bring their books to exchange!
  • Book Fair Preview Day Monday
  • It will take all of us to make Family Literacy Night happen - please let me know if you don't have an assignment yet to help!!
  • Thanksgiving Feast schedule below - please note it DOES modify the schedule for specials!!!
  • This is Generation Texas week so we will be focusing on college/careers.
  • Please make sure to follow shut-down procedures Friday before you leave!!

This Week...

  • Book Fair Preview Day


  • Kinder TPRI Data Day PM
  • PTA Meeting @ 5:30
  • Family Literacy Night @ 6:00-7:15


  • PTA Soup for the Soul
  • Kinder Tier 2 Meeting - big conference room
  • Faculty Meeting
  • New to Profession Dinner - 4:45 @ LEO


  • Thanksgiving Feast
  • 4th Grade Tier 2 Meeting - big conference room
  • 1st Grade Tier 2 Meeting - big conference room


  • C2 Fall Forum


16th - Tricia Jackson

24th - Gloria Rocha

25th - Lisa Summers

29th - Stephanie Grelle


  • Thank you Andrea for taking such great care of my class while I was away! You are truly an amazing teacher and I am so thankful for you. Thank you to my team for helping me with this transition. I appreciate you all! - Jillian
  • ​A HUGE shout out to my team when I was out with a terrible case of Strep. They went over and beyond helping my sub and I. It's so great to have a team like ours! THANK YOU KINDER TEAM! - Brittany
  • Thank you to all the awesome staff and students at Reed for all the love during Maintenance Appreciation Week. I'm going to enjoy some gift card fun, and I really enjoyed all the hand-made cards from students! - Clint
  • Once again a wonderful Veteran's Ceremony put on by our amazing kids and Marla!! I personally appreciate the military traditions carried out by Paulette, and the Missing Man Table. Could not be more proud of our school!! - Christy T.
  • Shout out #1: Thank you to all the teachers who had to take money and permission slips in the past 2 weeks for Skating 101! I appreciate the extra effort it took to make sure the students were accounted for. Katrina especially went above and beyond with managing the monies brought in. She of course did it with a smile and never complained once! Let's hope the kiddos have a fun and safe time learning to skate.
  • Shout Shout #2: ...because one shout out is not enough, thank you again Katrina for helping with Skating 101. Also a huge thank-you to Catherine, Christy and Erin for helping count money and/or answering questions parents had.
  • #3: Yassmine I love how you come into PE ready to go and have fun with the kiddos. They are LUCKY to have you in their corner!!!

  • Shout out to Lisa and Katrina for helping make our field trip happen! The 4th and 5th grade students attended a private performance of "Bocón", an Hispanic play at Concordia University. I think the highlight was a meet and greet with the cast including a 12 feet tall "La Llorona". I loved seeing the kids reading their playbills, discussing their favorite parts, and singing the original music on the way back to school. - Elena

  • A big shout out to my wonderful Specials team! (Love you, ladies!) They are the heroes behind the scenes. Thanks for helping with the set up, break down, photography, covering classes, and being there for every little glitch that can go down before the Veterans Day celebrations! Also a big thanks to Christy VanAusdall for helping with all the preparations for the celebrations, and for Lisa Gibbs, Katrina Magnussen and Cynthia McClure for coming to help and support the choir as we traveled to Lakeline Oaks Retirement Home. - Marla

  • ​A big thank you to Sofie and Mary for helping out with our 3rd grade kiddos! -Melissa
  • FYI - 134 students were given flu vaccine at school this week. Reed had the highest turnout out of the 4 LISD schools chosen for the pilot program! I’m not sure if we win Vince Young coming (not sure if it’s TX wide contest or just our district) but 134 students vaccinated is an awesome accomplishment for our first attempt! For comparison: Bagdad had 40’s, Knowles 70’s, Camacho 90’s. BIG Thank you to Michele and Erin for all you did to organize this and help make it run smoothly!! This is AWESOME!!

  • I thought this was a cool inspirational video from a child. - Crissy

  • ​I was out yesterday, due to illness, I had my sub Lisa Sherrillo cover my class. She did my lessons as planned and my parent volunteers who helped with clay told me she was the BEST SUB EVER. They asked if I am ever out, which I hope not, that I choose her for my sub because they never met another amazing art sub as her! - Vidonni

  • This site has movie clips to give great examples of situtations to discuss. For instance "Bullying", Integrity, and of course the teacher/staff would have to preview clip first, but this might be a great educational tool. - Vidonni

  • Thank you Carolyn for coming in each day to inspire these young writers! You are so patient with them and they are really soaring! Thank you!!! ~Jillian


Thanksgiving Feast 2015

10:30-11:00 – Second Grade - MPR

11:00-11:30 – Kindergarten - Cafeteria

11:30-12:00 – Third Grade – MPR

11:45-12:15 – Afternoon PK

12:00-12:30 – First Grade - Cafeteria

12:20-12:50 – Fourth Grade - MPR

12:45-1:15 – Fifth Grade – Cafeteria

Specials on Thanksgiving Feast Day

8:05-8:55 – 4th

8:55-9:40 – SPECIALS

9:40-10:30 – 2nd

10:35-11:25 – 3rd

11:25-11:55 – Specials Lunch

11:55-12:45 – 5th

12:50-1:40 – Kinder

1:45-2:35 – 1st (pick up kids and take back to room for dismissal)